When to Schedule Your Surgery
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When to Schedule Your Surgery – Overseas Medical Ukraine

Your surgery can probably be booked two months after your consultation, but I have seen patients who had consultations three years before they were ready for surgery and others who wanted it the next week — and a cancellation made it possible to schedule it! If you are on a tight time schedule, you might mention it when you call for a consultation. What’s more, it may be a month or two or three between the time you call for a consult and the time you can get into the office. In the meantime, you can read, and reread this book.

When is the best time to have surgery?

It depends on you. People have surgery in the beginning of the year to start the year right, for them; in the spring to get ready for summer clothes; in the summer during vacation time. The fall is least popular because school and college schedules make it inconvenient for students and parents, va­cation time is used up, and people are saving money for Christmas spending.