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Let you stay in Ukraine fill in with relax, refreshment and pleasure

Kiev is known as a cradle of the ancient Kiev Rus civilization. The walking tour offers a breathtaking glimpse into more than 15 centuries of the noble city’s chronicle marked with long spells of hostile invasions – from Tartar hordes to Nazi occupation – and fantastic times of arts and culture booming periods

cameraMake sure your camera has enough memory for the spectacular palaces, churches, cathedrals and magnificent panoramic views you will see during the tour!

If you come to Paris you go to the Louvre. If you come to Madrid you go to the Prado. If you come to Kiev and are thirsty for the national art and traditional artifacts, the National Art Museum of Ukraine founded in 1899 must top your itinerary. The Gallery contains an unmatched collection of the Ukrainian paintings, sculpture, graphics created during a 15-century period – from Kiev Rus till nowadays. Make sure you don’t miss the museum’s zest: a collection of Ukrainian avant-garde of the 20th century – a real gift for real connoisseurs of this genre.

Whether or not history is your passion, you will be impressed with Ukraine’s holiest site situated on the grassy hills of the Dnipro river – Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (Monastery) built by Kiev monks in the 11th century.

The Lavra is an ultimate pilgrimage destination for millions of Orthodox Christians. It covers 28 hectares of land with temples, churches and an underground maze carved with caves used as a burial place for monks for 700 years. Get ready for the true adrenaline buzz while walking through caves and seeing 1000-year old mummified relics of Orthodox saints! There is an amazing Miniature museum in the territory of Lavra.

You will be excited to see the works of the Ukrainian miniatures artist who created a number of incredible art works that can be only seen through a powerful microscope: a rose carved out in a hair, a golden camels’ caravan in the needle’s eye, a horseshoe on a flea and many more. We bet it’s something you’ve never seen before!

On top of that you can have a short tour of the National Museum of decorative art and history of Ukrainian fashion where you will see a lot of amazing exponents from the 15th century to our days.

If you want to plunge into the authentic atmosphere of a real Ukrainian village and to learn more about traditions and culture of the beautiful Ukraine, a brand new ethnographical complex just less than 19 kilometes away from Kiev is a must for you. You can find original old Ukrainian houses with carefully restored interior designs, a beautiful park, a wooden church, picturesque ponds, a touching little zoo and, most certainly, a restaurant.

The complex offers a unique opportunity to master some of Ukrainian traditional arts and crafts: why not join master-classes of making Ukrainian dolls (motanka) or pottery articles to leave the place with unforgettable impressions and original do-it-yourself souvenirs you’ll be proud to keep or to present to your friends.



200-350 hryvna

(approx. €10-14)

The Tour includes

  • Transfer from/to the airport
  • Hotel for 4 Nights
  • Excursions with professional guides
  • Accompanying throughut the trip
Amazing tourist tour and cheap medical treatment in Kiev, Ukraine.

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