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Dental implants technology

Dental implants technology is an installation of special artificial titanium “root”, which performs the function of support, in the bone of the upper or lower jaw. Crowns or removable/non-removable dentures are attached to it to replace lost teeth.

What are the types of dental implant procedure?

There are two types of dental implant procedure:

  • The immediate (performed immediately after tooth extraction);
  • Delayed (3 or more months after tooth extraction).

Denture installation is possible simultaneously with tooth implant installation or also after a certain time (two-step method).

The choice of the implant, method of tooth implant procedure depends on the patient’s general state, on oral cavity health, on the amount and quality of the jaw bone, on patient’s financial capacity.

What are the indications for implant procedure?

As a result of the loss of one or several teeth the amount of bone is decreased and it becomes thinner over time. This leads to deformation of maxillofacial system. In its role as an artificial tooth root, titanium tooth implant serves as a reliable and high-quality support for bone.

Dental implant procedure is indicated for all who have lost one or more teeth as a result of a variety of diseases, injuries or teeth destruction.

Implant teeth procedure is also indicated for elderly people, since the main determining factor for its performance is not age, but health state and the absence of contraindications.

Only a dentist may decide whether you may implant teeth or not, he makes a detailed examination of your mouth state for the presence of various inflammatory diseases or dental caries. In case of caries or mouth diseases the treatment is prescribed, and only after that getting a tooth implant is possible.

What are the main advantages of dental implants?

The main advantages of tooth implant surgery include:

  • excellent cosmetic effect;
  • full restoration of functions that are physiologically important for mastication process;
  • preventing of many negative consequences that result from the absence of one or more teeth;
  • no need to grind the adjacent teeth for dental bridge installation;
  • an excellent alternative to removable dentures.

Implantation of teeth allows you:

  • as efficiently as possible to restore the lost dentition or a single tooth without damaging the surrounding teeth;
  • to establish a non-removable type of denture and create additional secure base;
  • create a high-quality and convenient support to improve the fixation of removable denture.

How much is a dental implant?

Dental implant cost is 259 GBP in average. Visit our Price page for more info.

How It Works

Book your dental implant or add it to your dental treatment plan

Book an appointment with a dentist for your teeth bleaching procedure. Once you visit a dental clinic in Ukraine you may wish to combine dental implant with other dental procedures. On the basis of information you provide our dentist estimates the volume of the expected dental work and its cost. If you desire to have more dental procedures during your visit you may send your medical data and panoramic X-ray (ortopantagramma) x-ray sample is helpful for the doctor.

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