The Inspirational Evangelical Approach

Wellness-and-SPA---Esthetical — копияCompare to  The “Why Not!” Approach this is the most difficult technique for a cosmetic surgeon to practice on you. The surgeon has to be a natural psychologist. The technique is seductive, so be careful. Caught unawares, you can end up agreeing to almost anything. The “logic” of the technique is this: “You came to see me, a doctor and a cosmetic surgeon, for advice. My advice is to have your face and body redone surgically. If you take my advice, you will be successful and happy. You will find inner peace.”

Again, I share Overseas Medical Ukraine client’s story:

Mary went to Dr. X. in South of UK. She had had a number of disappointments in We, as we all have had. Now she was starting over. Dr. X walked in, solemn but reassuring, a friendly high priest. “I guess what really bothers me,” said Mary, “is my cheekbones and my chin. They’re so flat. What do you think?”

“Stand up and walk around,” said Dr. X. Mary stood up and walked around for him.

“Sit down,” said Dr. X. He studied her face intently. He took pho­tographs. “Life is hard, isn’t it?” He looked into her eyes, soulfully.

Mary sighed. “It has been for me.”

“But you’re determined to make the best you, aren’t you? Wonderful.” He continued to gaze at Mary solemnly. “My advice has nothing to do with money. I never think about money. You do that. I think only about you, what you need. For your own sake, you need breasts a little fuller to express the woman in you. You need thighs a little slimmer, to make you graceful. Your face?” He stood back, a Renoir looking over a canvas. “Yes, the cheek and chin implants will show the strength inside you. Your eyes? Don’t hide them from the world. Have them done, upper and lower. A facelift is essential to show the rejuvenation in your soul. That way, I could tell you, ‘Mary, you are healed. You are whole. You are the you that was meant to be.’ Please, for your own sake, do this for yourself. You need it. Please.”

“How much money are you talking about, Doctor?” asked Mary.

Dr. X held up a deprecating hand. “I’m a physician,” he said sol­emnly. “My staff takes care of all the details. I don’t believe in money. I can’t be your doctor, counselling you, and let money stand in our way, can I?”

So, since Dr. X didn’t think about money, the nurse explained the cost to Mary:

What Mary WantedWhat Dr. X Wanted
Chin implant£1250Chin implant£1250
Cheek implants£1250Cheek implants£1250
Upper lids£2100
Lower lids£2100
Breast implants£5500
Fat suction, thighs£3000
Mary’s total£2500Dr. X’s total for Mary£22,200

Where did she come to Overseas Medical Ukraine? Mary wasn’t easily sold anything. She contacted us and came to Ukraine to see for cosmetic surgeon for a second opinion as well as for cost saving purpose. He thought her idea of cheek and chin implants was reasonable. She was young and attractive, but the operations she had thought of entailed a short recovery for her, at a price she could afford, for something that she wanted psychologically, and that would improve her appearance. It seemed worthwhile. The rest was £19700 of surgery she didn’t want and certainly didn’t need. Her eyes and her face were youthful and charming. Her small breasts fitted her small frame and anyway, they didn’t bother her. Her thighs might have been a little thinner if she lost a few pounds, but £3000 of fat suctioning was ridiculous.Dr. X claimed that he didn’t think about money, but his office staff called Mary repeatedly, begging her “for your own good,” “for your own sake,” “for your future happiness,” and “for your success on the job” to please have the surgery, as a favour to herself.

What about Dr. X’s statements that he was a doctor and never thought about money? First of all, a doctor has to consider a patient’s overall welfare, and instant poverty for a young working girl having cosmetic surgery isn’t exactly doing her a favour. Even if Mary had been rich, Dr. X’s statements were preposterous. Of course he thought about money – any doctor in private practice has to be aware of fi­nances. (Besides, he drove around in a £60000 car.) A lot of sug­gestible people fell for his approach. Many of them, after their surgery, felt rather cheated that all the life-changes promised to them hadn’t come to pass. Were they gullible? Yes. But we’re all inclined to believe what a doctor tells us, especially if it seems that it might give us a boost in life that is a tiny bit magical.

In my next post in a week, I’m going to share with you some useful tips about The “Do-It-Before-It’s-Too-Late” Approach.

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