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  • What it will do

    Cosmetic breast reduction aims to provide smaller, more at­tractive breasts whilst also relieving backache, shoulder ache, and breast crease irritation that large breasts cause. In addition, it may eliminate the debilitating self-consciousness that some women suffer, from having heavy breasts.

  • What it will not do

    This operation can fill out the upper portion of the breast to a certain degree, but it is not likely to give a particularly pronounced cleavage. That particular upper fullness is generally created with silicone breast implants. Yet with smaller breasts, it will be possible to wear clothes without the need of a bra.

What is female breast reduction?

Female breast reduction, otherwise known as mammoplasty or breast lifting is the surgical procedure for making large breasts smaller. Many women in the world suffer from having large breasts as it often causes pain in the back and shoulders. In addition, heavy breasts may prevent exercising and other regular daily activities, and moreover cause severe psychological distress.

What happens before female breast reduction surgery?

Prior to making the final decision with regards a desire for breast reduction, patients should have a consultation with the surgeon. The surgeon will listen to what the patient hopes to achieve, whilst offering his fully comprehensive knowledge on the possible side effects and about the procedure itself. The surgeon will in addition review the patient’s medical history to ensure there are no health indications that might prevent the surgery from being successful. The breasts will be carefully measured and examined, and photographs taken before and after the procedure, for comparison purposes. Patients will be required to sign a consent form guaranteeing knowledge of the possible risks associated with breast reduction.

What type of anaesthetic is used?

In the majority of cases, the breast reduction operation is performed under a general anaesthetic. The surgeon will discuss all processes involved before the procedure. A local anaesthetic (usually combined with a sedative) is only used in certain cases.

What happens during the breast reduction surgery?

The female breast reduction surgery usually takes between 2-4 hours. There are various techniques of completing a mammoplasty, but the most popular method is to make three incisions – around the areola, in the curve line under the breast and down from the nipple to the curve line under the breast. The surgeon will then remove excess skin and tissue. If there is excess fat, this may be removed with the use of liposuction – a small incision is made in the armpit, and fat is suctioned out through a cannula. The nipple remains untouched in order to maintain its sensitivity. Only in rare cases is it necessary to remove the nipple completely and place it in a new position. To culminate, the surgeon creates a new breast shape by re-aligning the skin around the areola and the breast, and consigning the nipple and the areola into the new position. Sutures are placed around the areola, down the breast and in the curve line under the breast.

Should there be no need to remove excess skin and tissue, then liposuction might be the preferred way to reduce the breasts size, with less scarring. Please see more information regarding liposuction.

What is the recovery period after breast reduction surgery?

We recommend resting at home for approximately 2 weeks to enable a swift and gentle recovery after breast reduction surgery.

What are the risks and side effects of the surgery?

Swelling and bruising are the dominant side effects of breast reduction surgery. Swelling will subside a few weeks post surgery. Bleeding and infection are rare. Nerve damage is possible, particularly if the nipples were removed prior to placing into a new position. Scars will fade over time. Non-smokers tend to recover and heal much better, with less visible scars.

What happens after the surgery?

Your surgeon will give you recommendations to follow after the surgery, which may include:

  • Taking pain management medication.
  • Wearing a specialized surgical bra for the first several days and another soft bra for the following few weeks.
  • Removing sutures in 1-2 weeks.
  • Avoiding intimacy for approximately 2 weeks to deter further swelling of the breasts.
  • Avoiding exercise until approved by a doctor.
  • Contacting the surgeon immediately if there are indications of bleeding or infection.

Are there any restrictions for having breast reduction surgery?

There are no restrictions bar patients being realistic about the outcome of the breast reduction procedure, together with being in good health. If patients are prone to keloid scarring, the surgeon may recommend not undergoing this procedure.

What is the price of female breast reduction surgery?

The average cost of a breast reduction and lift is £828 – £1400. The cost depends very much on the individual body features, and scope of surgery entailed. Visit our Price page for more information. For an estimation of a personalised cost, send us Request Your Free Quote.

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