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Discover the infinite places it has for you to visit and explore. We offer you a wide list of local tourism packages you can choose from, based on the experiences you are looking for.

  • Affordable cost on different medical procedures in Kiev, Ukraine - Overseas Medical Ukraine

    Kiev Tour in English

    This tour includes: transfer from/to the airport; hotel for 4 Nights; excursions with rofessional guides; accompanying throughut the trip; It cost approx. £10-14.

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  • Secret Kiev Walking Tour

    Landscape alley, House with cats, Kiev Funicular, Pyrohiv, The Lieberman Mansion, House with Chimaeras, Mariyinsky Palace

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  • We waiting for your cosmetic tour in Kiev - Overseas Medical Ukraine

    Ancient Kiev Walking

    Maidan Nezalezhnosti, The Motherland Monument, The Golden Gate, People’s Friendship Arch, Monument to the founders of Kiev, Andriyivskyy Descent etc.

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  • Top women and men procedures for a low cost in Kiev, Ukraine - Overseas Medical Ukraine

    Tour to Mezhgirya

    A village of ex president’s V. Yanukovich”. The territory of the former residence is very large, it has a lot of interesting objects, beautiful and different.

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  • Prices in Ukraine is cheaper on 70% compared to Uk -

    Shopping tour

    Tour to the low prices clothes market with English speaking guide (3 hours) – £25

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  • Affordable cost on medical treatment in Kiev, Ukraine - Overseas Medical Ukraine

    Sightseen and Kiev Churches

    Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, St. Andrew’s Church, Sophia-Cathedral, Catholic church of St. Nicholas, Pokrovsky Monastery

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How It Works

Sightseen and leisure activities in Kiev are mostly done in free time after the main purpose of medical tourism travelers – dental treatments, screening programs and beauty therapy. It is rarely done after cosmetic surgeries, as there is a need of recovery period. We offer you carefully selected particularly interesting tours that our guests may enjoy while staying in Kiev for medical treatments. As they are highly demanded over weekend we recommend to spend a spare time in exploring Saturday and or Sunday at the second half of the day after medical treatments.

Friday: Arrival in Ukraine

Great number of overseas flights arrives in Kiev (capital), Ukraine to Borispol airport in the second half of the day. Even though you may count as Day 1. So you will most likely only be in Kiev for a dinnertime or an evening walk.
A guide form Overseas Medical Ukraine will pick you up at the airport and take straight to the apartment/hotel or grocery shopping. If you are planned to go for a blood test early in the following morning of Saturday, you it is strongly recommended to have your last meal before 11 PM of Friday and refraining from alcohol drink.

Saturday: Weekend Cosmetic Surgery/Beauty Treatment

Your patient coordinator will pick you up in the morning at 8:00AM for blood test. Make sure you are in a fasted condition (empty stomach). Brushing your teeth is ok, but don’t drink the water.
You will check out from the hotel if you spend a night in the clinic.
You’d better put on comfortable clothes as tit is expected to be a here quite a long day. One a blood test is done we take you to the your apartment or to the restaurant for about an hour so you can have your breakfast.
Upon returning to the clinic you will need to pay for your cosmetic surgery package.
Then you will see your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist for the pre-op consultation also fitting the compression garment.
In the afternoon hours and overnight you will stay at the clinic. A nurse will help you with everything you need and to make sure you are comfortable.

Sunday: Aftercare

– In the morning, the nurse will be beside you to help with all the morning activities. You will get your medication.
– Around noon time your Overseas Medical patient coordinator will be at the clinic to pick you up and take you to the hotel/apartment. Later on a nurse will be waiting for you and stay with you for 2 to 4 hours to help you with everything you need making sure you are comfortable.
If airlines ask for a medical release for boarding you on the plane, you should ask your surgeons to write a medical note.
You will not miss anything that happens at home. If you want to get connected with your beloved your patient coordinator will give you a SIM with the best tariffs. You may always stay in touch.
If you feel like entertaining yourself with movies or books. We get you a fresh supply of local newspapers in English. We will also help you to organize a supply of meals recommended by the doctor.
When you are comfortable with going out we arrange a leisure activities for you.

Monday: Departure from Ukraine

Many international flights depart in the morning. Your Overseas Medical coordinator will pick you up at the hotel/apartment up to 3 hour before your scheduled departure time and take you to Kiev Borispol airport.

Recovery and post-opt therapy

In most cases and it depends of the treatment the patients are able to come back to work the next day after arrival.
It may also require to spend some extra days at home for recovery.
It will be recommended by your doctor in Ukraine a recovery period and the post-op measures at you home country: medications, post-op massage therapy, on-line consultation with the doctor or a visit to your home based physician. However it is not recommended to every single patient.
It is strongly recommended to refrain from salty, canned, frozen and fatty foods like.
As inflammation will start coming down the results from your cosmetic surgery/beauty treatment are visible and you will start enjoying your new and improved look.

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