Tummy tuck surgery cost from £ 1135

Abdominoplasty procedure (tummy tuck) in Ukraine

Abdominoplasty is amongst the five most popular plastic surgical procedures conducted today. Over the last 10 years, the demand for abdominal surgery has risen by 70%.

Surgeons take great delight in tummy tuck procedures, from a sculptural perspective and for the dramatic and positive results of their patient’s appearance. The results of which are noticeable immediately.

  • Spending just 7 days in Ukraine for a tummy tuck results in patients departing 2–3 sizes smaller.
  • Abdominoplasty and liposuction can be carried out during the same operation.
  • The cost of tummy tuck surgery in Ukraine is 75-90% cheaper than in the UK.
  • The operation is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon with 20 years experience.
  • Both the surgeon and clinic personnel speak English.
  • The cost of our clinic fees per night are equivalent to a 3* hotel.
  • Overseas Medical Ukraine will take full responsibility of all of the necessary arrangements

What is tummy tuck surgery?

Many people both men and women, all over the world dream about losing weight. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure to get rid of excess fat in the stomach area and tighten the skin to create a perfect shape. It may also be performed when a person has already lost weight but as a result has loose skin, which can appear unsightly. Very often women experience these problems after pregnancy, as their skin and muscles were overstretched.

This is radical and effective plastic surgery for the correction of the exterior abdominal wall that can reduce the stomach size and thus provide an attractive and appealing shape.

What the surgery will not do

The tummy tuck will not remove stretch marks, unless they are located in the lower abdominal skin, which is removed during surgery. Stretch marks are in the skin and to date there is no treatment for them. This operation will not make the hips or bottom smaller; that requires a specialized diet or fat removal (see liposuction section). The surgery will however tighten the abdomen and, dependent on the muscle tone and the volume of fat inside the abdomen (as opposed to under the skin) will provide a flatter, or even a totally flat abdomen. It will not make skin drum-tight, and it will not eliminate the nat­ural skin folding that occurs when you bend over. That fold is found in virtually everyone over 30 years of age. Exercise and careful dieting will flatten the stomach further post surgery.

Is abdominoplasty for women or men?

This operation is successfully conducted for both women and men. However, there is a a slight difference between abdominoplasty for men and women. Sometimes, women require abdominoplasty combined with liposuction in the pubic region.

For women who are planning a future pregnancy, it is preferable to postpone the idea of undergoing abdominoplasty because there is a risk that previously sutured vertical muscles may separate during pregnancy.

What are the medical reasons for tummy tuck surgery?

  • There is excess body fat on and around the stomach.
  • A post-natal structure causes changes in the convex shape of the abdomen and thus an inability to tone the stomach muscles (rectus abdominis) due to their depletion.
  • Excess skin that occurs after childbirth.
  • Severe weight loss.
  • Loss of elasticity and excess soft tissue in the front of the stomach.

In all the above cases, the appearance demonstrates an apparent roundness of the stomach, and potentially loose skin below the waist, resembling an apron.

What are the different types of tummy tuck surgery?

There are four potential options:

  • Endoscopic Abdominoplasty.This type of stomach surgery is suggested for younger patients who have a minor problem with weakened abdominal muscles. Skin tightening is not required. Surgery is performed using an endoscope, which is introduced near the navel area with some additional punctures made in the bikini area.
  • Mini Tuck.This method is used when the stomach needs a little aesthetic adjustment with a small amount of skin causing fat folds needing to be removed. An incision is made in the bikini area, but the navel is not removed.
  • Middle abdominoplasty.This is for the excision of excess skin, removing fat and tightening the muscles of the peritoneum, by utilising additional vertical incision.
  • Full abdominoplasty.This requires an extensive correction of excess fat, not only from the abdomen but also from the thighs and back. In addition to excess skin and fat being removed, and muscles reconstructed, stretch marks and scars will be eliminated.

How Long It Will Last

Tummy tuck operations are permanent to a great extent. The fat and skin that are removed are not able to return. However, the tightened muscles could stretch again, particularly if weight is gained or there is a further pregnancy. Thus our recommendation that surgery is conducted once weight is stable and/or the final pregnancy has been experienced.

When to have it

The most opportune time for abdominal surgery is when the cause of the stom­ach extending is no longer in existence; when all children have been had, and all weight has been lost. Preferably when the patient is in fairly good physical shape.

If a patient undergoes this procedure and then experiences a further pregnancy, it may not completely undo all the works, but it will destroy some of it. The skin and muscle tone will be left noticeably stretched, even though not as apparent as prior to surgery.

This operation is uncommon in young people, due to their rarely having experienced pregnancies, extreme weight loss and/or surgeries that create the need for this procedure. However, a young person whose skin and muscles do reveal symptoms of having been stretched, would certainly benefit from a major tummy tuck.

How is the tummy tuck procedure performed?

The operation can be completed with an umbilicoplasty or without, with the aspiration of fat or without, and with an allocation of waist contouring or without.

A combination of liposuction and abdominoplasty is feasible. A mini abdominoplasty is a less complex procedure than an abdominoplasty itself. It is completed when there are fat deposits only in the lower part of stomach area, below the navel. Liposuction it is carried out when excess fat is required to be removed via suction from underneath the skin, without the tightening of the skin afterwards.

How long is a tummy tuck procedure?

This operation generally takes between 2-3 hours. A full abdominoplasty could take up to 5 hours.

What happens during the operation?

During the operation, the anaesthetist would either administer a general anaesthetic or an epidural injection, which numbs all areas of the body from the waist down.

During a mini abdominoplasty, a considerable incision is made below the navel. The surgeon then removes fat deposits, will remove excess skin (if necessary) and then realigns the skin. Also, the navel will be re-positioned to ensure that it is not left in an unnatural shape post the skin being manipulated and sutured.

During a full abdominoplasty, a substantial incision is made below the navel from hip to hip, followed by a second incision to free the navel. The surgeon removes fat deposits, tightens the muscles, realigns the skin, removes excess skin (if necessary), makes allowance for a new navel and then sutures.

What happens after operation?

A tummy tuck is a major operation, which is conducted in a hospital operating theatre on an inpatient basis. Patients will be required to stay in the clinic for several days after the operation.

Some patients are able to return home after a few days post the procedure. Depending on the complexity of the surgery, patients may be advised to stay up to 3-4 days in the clinic due to the drainage of excess fluids post surgery. To surmise, abdominoplasty surgery recovery time is between 2-4 weeks, and we recommend rest at home during this period for a swift and successful recovery.

For approximately 2 weeks after the operation, there will be a general feeling of discomfort in the abdomen. During this period, we recommend wearing a special compression garment (“grace-belt”). It will also be necessary not to partake in any intense exercise for approximately 1 month, and avoid lifting heavy loads for 3 months.

Sutures are generally removed on day 8-10. After which we recommend wearing a light bandage, and thereafter a special abdominal support garment for several weeks.

What is the recovery time after a tummy tuck?

Post tummy tuck surgery, it could take up to a year before feeling identical prior to surgery. For 3-6 months, the skin surrounding the scar might be slightly swollen, and it is normal to feel a slight numbness. Our clients who are in good shape tend to recover faster than those who are less fit. All the aforementioned recovery details are very individual, and the surgeon will advise patients personally on their individual case.  We would be delighted to welcome prospective patients in Ukraine for a short visit to the clinic, for the purpose of a prior consultation with a surgeon. He will provide answers to all questions using his own and his colleagues extensive experience.

Is it covered by the National Health System?

Patients who would like to undergo abdominoplasty surgery are not eligible for treatment under the NHS.

Before and After

How It Works

This operation removes excess skin and as much excess fat as is possible from the abdominal area, together with tightening the defunct abdominal muscles. The only negatives to note are a re-positioned navel and some potential scarring. If the only issue is due to extreme weight loss with a consequence of excess skin in the lower abdomen, a full abdominoplasty may not be necessary. Removal of the excess skin may be sufficient, with this operation being known as a “mini tuck.” Dependent upon the scope of the operation, the stay period in the clinic may differ, therefore indicating that the time for your medical tour may fluctuate.

Prices for Abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck) procedure

 Endoscopic abdominoplasty£ 1705€ 2058
 Mini abdominoplasty£ 1135€ 1370
 Middle abdominoplasty£ 2000€ 2445
 Full abdominoplasty£ 3262€ 3937
 Suture of eventration (Straightening a convex shape of the abdomen)£ 699€ 844
 Suture of diastasis recti£ 371€ 488
 Extended suture of diastasis recti£ 785€ 948
 Fat aspiration (1 area)£ 399€ 410
 Ultrasonic fat aspiration (1 area)£ 475€ 570
 Extended ultrasonic liposuction (1 area)£ 570€ 689

When estimating the total cost of abdominoplasty surgery we recommend considering the scope of the surgery required:

  • Number of areas: usually in 1 operation there are 2 areas affected (above and below the naval).
  • Liposuction fees if aspiration of excess fat is required.
  • Therapist consultation.
  • Lab tests and checks.
  • Anaesthetic.
  • Clinic fees.
  • Compression garments.
  • Medication for post-operative period.

For further information see Prices.

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