Prices for medical treatment*

How much does medical treatment cost in Ukraine?

*Cost of Cosmetic surgery/procedure. Here we indicate typical cost only. This typical cost of cosmetic operations and procedures is showed below as well as on the procedures’ pages. Usually, clinics specify a cost of operation only. The cost per every patient is individually tuned up after the consultation with your plastic surgeon. Request Your Free Quote to find out the final cost of cosmetic surgery for you. In Ukraine it is, by default, 50-70% lower then in UK. Find out why.

Medical related cost. You should also consider additional medical related costs that are associated with cosmetic surgery or procedure, such us cost of: set of analysis, doctor’s consultation, anesthesia, staying overnights in the clinic, medication, rehabilitation, bandages, etc.

Travel related cost. The total cost of your treatment will also include your travel expenses, such us flight, accommodation, support with transfers etc.  The tips at Organising your trip may help you with money saving.

One of our clinic, we work with, provides “all inclusive” approach specifying a price for a package per every operation. The cost of package includes all together the cost of operation and medical related cost.

Prices for cosmetic surgery and beauty treatment procedures


Liposuction – Medium  £1300
Tummy tuck surgery Price £
Endoscopic abdominoplasty 1705
Mini abdominoplasty 1135
Middle abdominoplasty 2000
Full abdominoplasty 3262
Penile enlargement (length)  £1058
Arm lift – Brachioplasty £1440
Smartlipo  Price £
Smartlipo lipolysis one area (10 х 10 cm) 196
Laser lipolysis on (chin + sagged checks) 387

Female cosmetic genital surgery

Hymenoplasty Price £
Express restoration of hymen 308
Hymen restoration 419
Suturing the hymen of a two-layer method 979
Labiaplasty  Price £
Minora labia surgery (reduction of a genital lips) 222
Extended labia majora reduction 322
Reduction of hypertrophied clitoris 446
Vaginoplasty  Price £
Perineum lifting 831
Vaginal tightness (back side colporrhaphy) 886
Vagina tightening surgery (extended) 957


Breast augmentation surgery cost Price £
Breast enlargement -Round (through the fold under the breast) 1762
Breast enhancement – Teardrop (through the halo) 1395
Surgical removal of neck rugas with Platysmoplasty 1005
Breast Reduction per breast Price £
Cost breast reduction of hypertrophied breast 937
Hypertrophied breast reduction surgery cost surgery (extended breast reduce surgery) 1060
Hypertrophied breast reduce with nipple transplantation 1584
Reduce hypertrophied breast size with nipple transplantation (extended) 2092
Breast implant removal 562
Breast Lift per one Price £
Plastic of inverted nipple 266
Breast lift up surgery cost without reduction (periareolar) 887
Breast uplift price without reduction (vertical) 991
Removal of extra breasts 388
Local plastic on a halo 514
Gynecomastia 465


Face Lift Price £
Lifting of the eyebrows 285
Face lift 999
Lips, nasolabial folds 215
Circular face lifting person + neck liposuction (double vector) 1950 – 2900
Eyebrow lift, temporal area with lipofilling 1400
Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty)
Lower eyelid surgical 629
Upper eyelid surgical 629
Enhanced surgical removal eyelid rugas (blepharoplasty) 997
Surgical removal of wrinkles of the lower eyelid (blepharoplasty). Endo-conjunctival method 445
Surgical removal of wrinkles of the lower eyelid (blepharoplasty). Endo-conjunctival method (extended) 759
Surgical removal of rugas of the lower eyelid (blepharoplasty) with fixing the tear crease 773
Removal of lower eyelid rugas (canthoplasty) 1 zone 236
Surgical removal of lower eyelid rugas (canthopexy) 1 zone 346
Nose re-shaping (rhinoplasty) 1 544
Ear pin back per ear
Surgical correction of sticking out ear 248
Cheek reduction surgery
Face (Buccal) fat removal surgery 220
Botox Injections
Usually the cost varies from (per one area) 175-300
Ultra Smіle, Kіss, RHA 1, Rediesse, Teoseal Redensіty 2                 Volbella, Volift – varies from 117


Diagnostics Price £
Small X-Ray 5
Panoramic X-Ray 9
Wedding Dental Deals Price £
Dental Package 1
220 / 1 person
 (Consultation with dentist, X-ray, Treatment plan, Hygiene treatment before teeth bleaching, Teeth cleaning AirFlow, Home tooth whitening kit)
395 / 2 person
Dental Package 2 332 / 1 person
 (Consultation with dentist, X-ray, Treatment plan, Hygiene treatment before teeth bleaching, Teeth cleaning AirFlow, Laser teeth whitening ZOOM) 580 / 2 person
Dental bridges Price £
Dental Bridges from £25 to £150
Denture Price £
Full denture, per jaw 135
Partial denture 211
Repair, extension 62
Dental braces Price £
Planned activation of removable braces 29
Planned activation of aesthetic non-removable braces 80
Fixation of non-removable metal braces on one dentition 515
Fixation of non-removable ceramic (aesthetic) braces for one dentition 913
Fixation of new element of metal or aesthetic braces 57
Removal of metal braces from one dentition 114
Micro implant installation according to orthodontic indications 485
Repeated consultation of a dentist free
Planned treatment for activation of non-removable metal system 57
Installation of the braces for the prevention of dentoalveolar anomalies 285
Fixation of non-removable self-ligating braces DAMON for one dentition 684
Fixation of non-removable aesthetic sapphire braces for one dentition 1255
Fixation of new element of sapphire or aesthetic braces 114
Removal of aesthetic braces from one dentition 228
Dentist consultation, treatment planning free
Examination after surgery free
Crowns Price £
Porcelain Fused to Metal 70
FULL Porcelain Zirconium 130
FULL Porcelain IPS e.Max 155
Temporary crown 10
Cast metal (Zirconium) core for a crown 140
Teeth whitening
Tooth bleaching (whitening in surgery) 74
Ceramic inlay or veneer 143
Teeth cleaning
Professional teeth cleaning 48
Root canal
Root canal treatments per canal*

*Please note that teeth at the back side of a jaw have three or four canals and front teeth usually have one canal.

Dental implants
Implant from 222


Intrauterine insemination (IU) (preparing of sperm for IU, twice insemination within one menstrual cycle) with donor`s sperm with partner’s sperm 455
Inrtauterine insemination (IU) (preparing of sperm for IU, twice insemination within one menstrual cycle) with donor`s sperm 755
 Donor’s sperm (1 dose) 300
 IVF + ICSI with medicines cost with Sperm Donation 5000
 Selection of the Eggs` Donor (*service of our partner Agency, may be used additionally by needs) 500
 Examination of the Eggs` Donor  811
 IVF + ICSI  with Eggs Donation with the cost of medicines for endometrium preparing of the Patient (fresh Donor`s eggs) 6420
 IVF + ICSI  with Eggs Donation without the cost of medicines for endometrium preparing of the Patient (fresh Donor`s eggs) 6110
IVF + ICSI  with own Eggs Doonor with the cost of medicines (fresh Donor`s eggs) 5420
 Selection of the Surrogate Mother (*service of our partner Agency) 500
 Examination of the Surrogate Mother 666
 IVF + ICSI with Surrogate Mother with the medicines cost   5360
 IVF + ICSI with Eggs Donation & Surrogate Mother with the medicines cost    6460
 Cryopreservation of embryos or oocytes with vitrification method 225
 Cryopreservation of sperm    100
 Storage of cryopreserved biomaterial or embryos during 2 months  25
 Storage of cryopreserved biomaterial or embryos during 6 months  76
 Thawing of embryos or oocytes  242
 Additional cryothek  63
 Thawing of oocytes 242


Name Services Price, USD
Program “Gynecologic screening” 107
Program “Women’s Health” (basic) 267
Program “Women’s Health” (etended) 338
Program “Life is just beginning” (for women) 420
Program “Confidentity” (for women) 140
Program “Autumn of woman” (for women over 40 years old) 29
Program “Urological screening” 138
Program “Men’s Health” (basic) 279
Program “Men’s Health” (extended, for men up to 40 years old)  308
Program “Men’s Health” (extended, for men over 40 years old)  421
Program “Health”  163
Program “Cardiological screening”  83
Program “Gastroenterological screening”  122
Program “Endocrinological screening”  93
Program “Neurological screening”  97
Program “Dermatological screening”  110
Program “Ultrasound screening”  38


Examination before IVF Price, USD
Complex offer “Examination before IVF for a couple” 581
Complex offer “Examination before IVF & Egg Donation & Surrogacy for a couple” 88
Complex offer “Examination before IVF for a woman” 502
Complex offer “Examination before IVF for a man” 79
Examination of the Eggs` Donor 811
Examination of the Surrogate Mother 666


Laser hair removal Price £
 FACE epilate zone  6-23
 Epilate HAND zone 5-31
 Epilate BACK and STOMACH area 7-32
 Epilate LEGS zone 6-68
 Epilate INTIMATE zones 16-33

Visit our Laser hair removal page for more info.


Hair loss therapy Price £
 less then 1000 grafts – cost of one graft* 1,3
 more than 1000 grafts – cost of one graft*  0,9

*1 – Graft – morphofunctional association which comprises from 1-4 hairs.

Clinic's fees

Single- seated ward – from £65 per night*

Double seated ward – from £40 per night*

*Depends from clinic

Consultation with therapist +medical tests/ECG – £130
General anesthesia:

  • classic – £331
  • xenon£743

Overseas Medical Ukraine Fees

Initial arrangements – FREE OF CHARGE:

  • Arranging the consultation with the doctor;
  • Support in arranging your travel schedule: hotel/apt. booking and, if desired,  other services such us Wellness&Spa, Sightseeing&Leisure;
  • Arranging post-operation consultation with the doctor (if needed).

Referal Fee – $130 per day

  • We introduce you to the best Ukrainian doctors and clinics and coordinate your appointments. Therefore, Referal Fee is applied only for a medical treatment days: lab tests, operation and other medical procedures;
  • Referral Fee is not charged for arrival/departure days, as well as for the recovery days and Wellness&Spa, Sightseeing&Leisure days;
  • Includes 24/7 support call-center support.

Coordination/Transport/Interpreter Fee – $60 per day includes:

  • Meeting and transfer from/to the airport, Kiev, Ukraine at day of arrival and departure. Two transfers count for one day ($66).
  • Assistance by a travel coordinator/interpreter  for all arrangements in Ukraine (from 8 am. to 8 pm.) including all day transportation by comfortable car (to/from the clinics, med. labs, shopping, beauty salons,  city tours etc.);

Additional services

  • Visa support (if needed) $75 per person
  • Night service (car + interpreter after 8 p.m) $10 per hour

Agency Fee for FERTILITY 

  • IVF package $250
  • Eggs donation (single cycle) $300


Prices are subject to change. Please ask for a quotation, which is valid for 30 days.

Currency. Operational and procedural fees are payable in local currency which facility used. We recommend you some exchange some GBP for US Dollars or Euro prior to your flight. Credit/debit cards are widely used to pay in local currency (UAH) or GBP, although we recommend paying by card in local currency.

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