Prices for medical treatment*

How much does medical treatment cost in Ukraine?

*Cost of Cosmetic surgery/procedure. Here we indicate typical cost only. This typical cost of cosmetic operations and procedures is showed below as well as on the procedures’ pages. Usually, clinics specify a cost of operation only. The cost per every patient is individually tuned up after the consultation with your plastic surgeon. Request Your Free Quote to find out the final cost of cosmetic surgery for you. In Ukraine it is, by default, 50-70% lower then in UK. Find out why.

Medical related cost. You should also consider additional medical related costs that are associated with cosmetic surgery or procedure, such us cost of: set of analysis, doctor’s consultation, anesthesia, staying overnights in the clinic, medication, rehabilitation, bandages, etc.

Travel related cost. The total cost of your treatment will also include your travel expenses, such us flight, accommodation, support with transfers etc.  The tips at Organising your trip may help you with money saving.

One of our clinic, we work with, provides “all inclusive” approach specifying a price for a package per every operation. The cost of package includes all together the cost of operation and medical related cost.

Prices for cosmetic surgery and beauty treatment procedures

Prices are subject to change. Please ask for a quotation, which is valid for 30 days.

Currency. Operational and procedural fees are payable in local currency which facility used. We recommend you some exchange some GBP for US Dollars or Euro prior to your flight. Credit/debit cards are widely used to pay in local currency (UAH) or GBP, although we recommend paying by card in local currency.

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