Laser Hair Removal in Ukraine

Permanent hair depilation over the weekend in Kiev

Laser hair removal on the following areas:

  • Bikini and armpits
  • Foot Zone: feet completely, shin, shin knee, knees, hips
  • Laser hair removal on hands: arms form shoulders to wrists, forearms and fingers
  • Face: upper lip, chin, eyebrows, eyebrow, forehead, cheeks, temples, ears and neck
  • Other areas: the linea alba, chest, stomach, neck, sacral region, breast, back, shoulders and buttocks

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective method of keeping unwanted hair away for a long period of time. It is performed by selective thermolysis, in which the temperature of the hair follicle is increased to about 60°C. The root is destroyed by the heat generated in the surrounding tissue.

Laser light emitted at a specific wavelength is selectively absorbed by melanin, a hair pigment contained in hair follicles. The procedure does not harm the skin as the laser head has a special cooling system that provides an analgesic effect to minimize discomfort.

On which areas of the body can laser hair removal be performed?

Laser hair removal can be carried out in the following areas:

  • Bikini and armpits. It should be noted that it is in these areas where laser hair removal is most effective. For these areas, the lowest number of procedures is required.
  • Foot Zone: feet (all over), shin, knees and hips
  • Laser hair removal on hands: arms (from shoulders to wrists), and fingers
  • Face: upper lip, chin, eyebrows, forehead, cheeks, temples, ears and neck
  • Other areas: abdomen, chest, stomach, neck, sacral region, breast, back, shoulders and buttocks

Does laser hair depilation remove ingrown hair?

Yes. Laser hair removal is the only existing method that effectively removes ingrown hair, regardless of the application. After the second or third procedure, you will see noticeable results.

Is laser hair removal cheap?

The larger the treatment area, the higher the cost. Compared to other hair removal methods, which only last temporarily, it is more expensive, but the results last for years.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Many salons and laser hair removal clinics claim that it is an absolutely painless procedure, but the pain sensitivity of each person is different. In general, however, we can say that laser hair removal is only slightly discomforting. The laser specialist will provide anesthetic cream if needed. Each subsequent procedure reduces the thickness of the hair as well as the pain.

Is laser hair removal fit for men?

Yes, it is very popular among men. The main advantage is that the laser can process large areas quickly; for example, chests and backs. Also, if desired, you can request that the hair not be removed completely. The density and growth rate can simply be lowered.

Can hair really be removed permanently?

Yes. With the help of laser hair removal, it is really possible to remove unwanted hair permanently, but that is taking into account that the patient will take a full course and will maintain procedures for 1-2 years.

What is the post-procedural regime for laser hair removal?

After the procedure, the patient can immediately return to daily activities. We recommend using sunscreen, sometimes panthenol, for several days after depilation, if the skin is sensitive.

Is it possible to get laser hair removal on regrown hair?

Most women do not wish to shave facial hair in the fear that in consequence it will become thicker and more noticeable. Therefore, in such cases, we recommend using “exclusive” laser hair removal. Using this method, you can get rid of vellus facial hair.

To summarize:

Laser hair removal is the newest and most productive technological method in professional hair removal, to which benefits should include:

  • The safety and harmlessness of the procedure
  • Rapid treatment of folliculitis (ingrown hairs)
  • Treatment of hirsutism (excessive hair vegetation)
  • Skin rejuvenation

Laser hair removal equipment

We perform the procedure with a diode laser from Lumenis LightSheer. On this laser, the volume and intensity of the heat can be adjusted depending on skin tone and color.

How It Works

Prices for laser hair removal


Time on the laser (Duet)FACE epilate zonePrice
30 min.All face£ 23
10 min.The upper lip (women)£ 6.26
20 min.The upper lip (in men)£ 9.74
10 min.Chin (women)£ 6.61
20 min.Chin (men)£ 11.13
10 min.Brow£ 5.91
10 min.Eyebrows£ 6.61
10 min.Forehead Line£ 6.96
10 min.Cheeks£ 6.96
10 min.Whiskey£ 6.61
10 min.Ears£ 6.61
10 min.Neck (front or rear)£ 10.43
Time on the laser (Duet)Epilate HAND zonePrice
30 min.Hands full (female)£ 24.69
40 min.Hands full (male)£ 30.61
20 min.Forearm (women)£ 18.78
30 min.Forearm (male)£ 24.69
15 min.Hands + fingers (for women)£ 6.61
15 min.Hands + fingers (male)£ 12.52
10 min.Underarm area (women)£ 11.13
10 min.Underarm area (male)£ 12.87
10 min.Fingers£ 4.52
Time on the laser (Duet)Epilate BACK and STOMACH areaPrice
10 min.Linea alba£ 9.04
30 min.Chest (Male)£ 21.22
20 min.Breast (women)£ 15.65
30 min.Belly (male)£ 31.3
20 min.The abdomen (women)£ 15.65
20 min.Decollete (women)£ 8.35
20 min.Neckline (men)£ 11.82
20 min.The lumbar region£ 17.04
10 min.Sacral region£ 10.43
10 min.Areola breast£ 6.96
40 min.Back£ 43.83
20 min.Shoulders£ 15.65
30 min.The upper part of the back + shoulders£ 30.61
20 min.Buttocks£ 22.26
Time on the laser (Duet)Epilate LEGS zonePrice
50 min.Feet (female)£ 52.18
60 min.Feet (male)£ 67.13
10 min.Toes£ 5.91
30 min.The Shins (women)£ 22.26
40 min.The Shins (male)£ 29.91
30 min.Shin knee£ 26.08
10 min.Knees£ 8.35
30 min.Hips£ 30.61
20 min.Hip part (outer, inner, rear, front)£ 17.04
Time on the laser (Duet)Epilate INTIMATE zonesPrice
20 min.Bikini is not deep (the bikini line for shorts)£ 19.48
20 min.Bikini deep (labia pubis, mezhyagodichnoy fold, bikini line for shorts)£ 29.22
30 min.Bikini deep male (hair all over the intimate area, including the scrotum)£ 33.4
20 min.Scrotum£ 15.65
20 min.Pubis area for men£ 24.69
10 min.Pubis area for women£ 16.7
10 min.Between the buttock fold£ 15.65
10 min.Labia£ 16.7

Deleting individual hairs £ 0.24/Pulse

Anesthetic Cream – 15% of the total cost of the procedure
Analgesic Spray – 5% of the total cost of the procedure

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