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1) Landscape alley

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Landscape alley – Overseas Medical Ukraine

Address: Desyatinny pereulok, 7A or Bolshaya Zhytomyrskaya street, 34

Landscape alley – a recreation area in Kiev, created on the site of the dug-out defensiv
e shafts of the Upper City, which went from above in the yar, over the tract of Gonchara.

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Landscape alley in Kiev – Overseas Medical Ukraine

In fact, this is a path (car-pedestrian), which repeats the route of the tree and objects of landscape design around (curbs, park sculpture, playgrounds, flowerbeds, etc.).

The alley was laid in the early 1980s.

In 2009, on the Landscape Alley, a children’s park with benches and majestic cats was built, after which it became so famous. It has fountains in the form of an elephant, heads of zebras, a 30-meter-long cat-centipede mosaic, benches in the form of a rabbit, a crow, a cat. Landscaping of the square, on the site of which there was a wasteland, was occupied by the famous city sculptor Konstantin Scrututsky, who to this day replenishes this place with his new works.


2) House with cats (Kiev)

Address: Gogol Street, 23

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Cats in Kiev – Overseas Medical Ukraine

Yahymovskoho House, better known as the home of the people of Kiev with cats – a monument of history and architecture in Kiev, located on Gogol street, 23. The house was built in 1909 in
Art Nouveau style. It belonged to Colonel Theodore Yahymovskomu. Because of theunusual design house facade, urban legends usually associated with its construction Vladislav Gorodetsky, but the famous architect involved in the construction never took.

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“Cat on the house” – Overseas Medical Ukraine

House T-shaped in plan, the characteristic green color, has 4 floors from the street and 5 – from the yard. Each floor contains two apartments, with an awkward layout – some rooms are too stretched, and the kitchen and bedrooms have only one window, which is why not illuminated. All the windows and balconies of the building are decorated differently.


3) Kiev Funicular

Address: Pochtovaya Ploshcha, 33 (lower station), Desyatinnaya street, 1 (upper station)

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Kiev Funicular – Overseas Medical Ukraine

Funicular in Kiev is an indispensable daily mode of transport for many residents of the city, and for some, romantics is also an attraction. Every day the Kiev cable car, despite the seemingly low speed (only 2 meters per second) manages to serve 15 000 passengers. For the year of operation of the funicular, its services are used by passenger traffic, comparable to the official population of the capital, about 3,000,000 people.

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Funicular in Kiev – Overseas Medical Ukraine

Today, the cable car makes the guests and tourists of the capital happy. Having passed in a cozy car, you can admire the panorama of Podol, the river station on the Dnieper and the island of Trukhanov. In the lobby of the upper stop near the St. Michael’s Cathedral you will have the opportunity to see archival pictures of the funicular, models of stations and carriages of previous generations, as well as learn more about its history.

The schedule of the funicular flights usually depends on peak loads. Intervals are a maximum of 10 minutes. The trip takes only 3 minutes in any direction. At the end stops, you will find many other sights of the city.


4) Pyrohiv

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Pyrohiv – Overseas Medical Ukraine

Address: Kiev, Moskovsky district, Pirogovo village, Krasnozemnaya street, 1

The Museum of National Architecture and Life is an opportunity to walk through all the most interesting corners of Ukraine for one day of sight, to see literally from within the life of the Ukrainian people in the 17-20th centuries, to get acquainted with the everyday life of the Ukrainian house. The museum is an open air exposition of ethnographic regions of the country, that is, the whole territory of the museum is not located in pavilions and other buildings, but in the open air, which makes the museum very attractive for tourists from all over the world.

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Pyrohiv (Kiev) – Overseas Medical Ukraine


Pirogovo Museum of National Architecture and Life was founded in the distant year of 1969, however, it took visitors seven years later in 1976. Every year the museum becomes more and more popular, and also replenishes its collection of architectural buildings and household items of its historical period. So for the time of its existence on the territory of the Pirogovo Museum more than two hundred different buildings are concentrated, which symbolize their regions and historical periods of the country.

Another distinctive feature of the Pirogovo Museum, which perhaps distinguishes it from a huge mass of similar world museums, is various theatrical performances, festivities during folk festivals. On the territory of Pirogovo you can often meet people and workers in national costumes, engaged in various crafts of that time – weavers, pottery cooks from clay and others. Walking to Ukrainian folk music in general becomes something special, they give unforgettable sensations. During Ukrainian folk festivals, special theatrical performances take place on the territory of the museum: dances and dances around the fire, singing.


5) The Lieberman Mansion

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The Lieberman Mansion – Overseas Medical Ukraine

Address: 2 Bankov Str., 2

The estate Lieberman – a monument of history, art and architecture in Kyiv. Mansion built in 1879 by architect Vladimir Nikolayev, in 1896, rebuilt it in order Kyiv merchant and sugar manufacturer Simkha Lieberman in Neo-Renaissance style. Today this building is more known as the seat of the Union of Writers of Ukraine. In 1989, it founded the People’s Movement of Ukraine for Perestroika.

Guides with pleasure tell that the owner of the building, the Jewish merchant Simha Lieberman, to observe the Jewish custom for the Sukkot holiday to live in the open air in a hut, but not to leave his own house, made a sliding roof in one of the rooms. Inside, however, tourists are not allowed.

Originally the house had an L-shaped form, but since 1896 it has changed to the E-shaped, and its external appearance and interior design have been significantly altered:

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The Lieberman Mansion – Overseas Medical Ukraine

– the facade is complemented by central and lateral rezalitami;
– there are bilateral ramps, a central staircase;
– the interior is dominated by stucco ceilings, carved doors, cornices, marble window sills and other artistic elements in the style of classicism;
– in the courtyard you can see compositions of art forging and beautiful cast-iron stairs.


6) House with Chimaeras

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House with Chimaeras – Overseas Medical Ukraine

Address: 10, Vulitsa Bankova Stree

“Gorodetsky’s House” – a unique mansion in the Art Nouveau style, decorated with fantastic sculptures (chimeras) of fairy animals, dwellers of the underwater world, trophies of hunters. The building is located in the center of Kiev (in the Pechersky district) near the Administration of the President of Ukraine. The object has the status of a monument of architecture. Now the house with chimeras serves as the residence of the head of state. The house with chimeras is one of the most important sights of Kiev, it is an excellent place to make beautiful photos for a memory or go on a trip.

The project of the mansion is made in cubic form. From the side of the street Bankova building rises to three floors, and from the side of the cliff and the square named after Ivan Franko – on six floors.

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House with Chimaeras in Kiev – Overseas Medical Ukraine

In the external design, animal sculptures are mainly used.

On the facade of the House of Gorodetsky there are heads of rhinoceroses, deer, giraffes, lions, crocodiles, antelopes and other animals, mainly inhabitants of Africa. A wonder is the unusual trunks of elephants and snakes, which in the past served as drainpipes. Also you can see fishing nets on the waves. On top are huge toads, sea monsters. All elements of the composition are made of concrete. At the height of the building along the perimeter is mounted a high parapet, because of which the roof is practically unnoticeable.

The staircase at the entrance to the front is decorated with sculpture and bas-reliefs, next to it there is a column on which is depicted a large dolphin. Spherical 3D panorama of the House with chimeras in Kiev

Inside the House, with chimeras on the first and second floors of the residence, there are official offices of employees of the state protocol and ceremonial of the presidential secretariat.


7) Mariyinsky Palace

Address: Street Hrushevsky, 5A

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Mariyinsky Palace – Overseas Medical Ukraine

Mariyinsky Palace (Ukrainian: Маріїнський палац, Mariyins’kyi palats) is the official ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine in Kyiv and adjoins the neo-classical building of the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) of Ukraine. It is a Baroque palace on the hilly bank of the Dnieper River.

Th0e palace was ordered to be constructed in 1744 by the Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, and was designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the most famous architect working in the Russian Empire at that time. One of the students of Rastrelli, Ivan Michurin, together with a group of other architects, completed the palace in 1752. Empress Elizabeth, however, did not live long enough to see the palace. The first royal figure to stay in the palace was Empress Catherine II, who visited Kiev in 1787. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries the palace was the main residence of Governors-General.

In the early 19th century, the palace burned down in a series of fires. Roughly

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Mariyinsky Palace (Kiev) – Overseas Medical Ukraine

half a century later, in 1870, Alexander II of Russia had the palace reconstructed by the architect Konstantin Mayevsky, using old drawings and watercolours as guide. It was then renamed after the reigning Empress Maria Alexandrovna. By her wish, a large park was established off the southern side of the palace. The palace was used as a residence for visiting members of the imperial family until 1917.

During the years of the Russian Civil War in 1917-20, the palace was used as the Kiev revkom headquarters, particularly during the Kiev Bolshevik Uprising. In the 1920s the building belonged to an agricultural school, soon after which it became a museum. The Mariyinsky was badly damaged in World War II, and restored at the end of the 1940s. Another major restoration was completed in the early 1980s.


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