About Overseas Medical Ukraine

We are a value-oriented medical tourism agency. But now we stopped our operations in Ukraine due to Russia invasion.

We provide a cost-effective solution for affordable, safe and reliable plastic surgery/cosmetic treatment in Ukraine, with the best local surgeons and modern clinics.

When in Ukraine you will get from us a friendly local face to talk to, who understands the Western way of doing things. Thus, you hire an unrivalled local knowledge providing you the best of both worlds.

Our Mission:

Across the board we provide our overseas clients with affordable, quality proven and safe medical treatment combined with tourism opportunities in Ukraine.

Our values:

Customer focus

We focus on our customers, doing what is right for them as patients and guests. We are committed to providing responsibly managed travel and effective treatment to enable our customers to undergo a suitable health care treatment, within their affordable budget.

In order to carry this out we work with our partners to support our customers with tourism plan arrangements and healthcare by guaranteeing new, low cost, high quality treatment and leisure.

Connection and support

We take care of our customers from the moment they wish to proceed with us – we meet them at the airport, offer transfer to the hotel, and organise their medical treatment and leisure time in Ukraine.


We are responsible for our clients’ needs and use a personal approach for everyone. Our main task is to make your health tour useful, safe and pleasant.


We guarantee that our partners: clinics, hotels, and other service providers are high-level professionals that help you to spend your vacation with a great many benefits.

Why Choose Us?

Just economic factors such as devaluation of our local currency (hryvhia) and low labor cost have made the prices for medical services in Ukraine highly attractive – they are ridiculously low compere to the U.K. or EU medical costs. We are sure you would take advantage of this fact. Our goals are to provide a top quality and safe medical treatment, with cost much lower then in the U.K./EU. To achieve this, we carefully choose the most highly experienced and internationally recognised doctors, together with clinics that operate  with the latest equipment.

Overseas Medical Ukraine ensures that the clinic’s partners are deployed to provide you with outstanding medical services whilst still being cost effective.

Besides the natural (economic) advantages in the variations of medical costs and currency fluctuations, Overseas Medical Ukraine offers a Simple Travel Model, which means:

  • Easy to travel to due to the geographical vicinity of Ukraine (cost of travel is lower than for example to Thailand or India);
  • Use of self-booking which enables you to enjoy cost effective and time efficient flights;
  • Taking advantage of 10% discount when booking a hotel with Overseas Medical partner Reikartz Hotel Group;
  • Convenient configuration of travel and medical treatment arrangements whilst in Ukraine.

We want to make your medical vacation in Ukraine as pleasantly memorable as possible, with benefits not only to your health, but to your wallet as well.

WHAT ARE WE PAID FOR? By arranging for you a considerably cost effective medical treatment in Ukraine, we offer you a friendly local face to converse with, one who understands Western way of doing things, and who will take care of your stay in Ukraine. Our basic service package is:

Initial arrangements – FREE OF CHARGE:

  • Arranging the consultation with the doctor;
  • Support in arranging your travel schedule: hotel/apt. booking and, if desired,  other services such us Wellness&Spa, Sightseeing&Leisure;
  • Arranging post-operation consultation with the doctor (if needed).

Referal Fee – $133 per day of treatment

  • We introduce you to the best Ukrainian doctors and clinics and coordinate your appointments. Therefore, Referral Fee is applied only for a medical treatment days: lab tests, operation and other medical procedures;
  • Referral Fee is not charged for arrival/departure days, as well as for the recovery days and Wellness&Spa, Sightseeing&Leisure days;
  • Includes 24/7 support call-center support.

Coordination/Transport/Interpreter Fee:

  • Meeting and transfer from/to the airport, Kiev, Ukraine at day of arrival and departure. Two transfers count for one day $66.
  • Assistance by a travel coordinator/interpreter  for all arrangements in Ukraine (from 8 am. to 8 pm.) including all day transportation by comfortable car (to/from the clinics, med. labs, shopping, beauty salons,  city tours etc.) $100;

Additional services:

  • Extra night-time local support interpreter+car  for all arrangements in Kiev (8 pm. – 8 am.) – $100 per night;
  • Visa support (if needed) $75  per person.

Prices are subject to change. Please ask for a quotation, which is valid for 30 days.


Our Happy Clients

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