Top 10 Ancient places in Kiev:

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Maydan Nezhalezhnosty – Overseas Medical Ukraine

1) Maidan Nezalezhnosti – is the central square of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. One of the city’s main squares, it is located on Khreshchatyk Street in
the Shevchenko Raion. The square has been known under many different names, but often it is called simply Maidan (“square”).

In the 19th century, the square contained buildings of the city council and noble assembly.

Since the start of Ukraine’s independence movement in 1990, the square has been the traditional place for political rallies, including four large-scale radical protest campaigns: the 1989 student “Revolution on Granite”, the 2001 “Ukraine without Kuchma”, the 2004 Orange Revolution, and the 2013–14 Euromaidan. Maidan is also a regular site for non-political displays and events.


2) The Motherland Monument is a monumental statue in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

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The Motherland Monumenti of Kiev – Overseas Medical Ukraine

The stainless steel statue stands 62 m (203 ft) tall upon the museum building with the overall structure measuring 102 m (335 ft) and weighing 560 tons. The sword in the statue’s right hand is 16 m (52 ft) long weighing 9 tons, with the left hand holding up a 13 by 8 m (43 by 26 ft) shield with the State Emblem of the Soviet Union.

The Memorial hall of the Museum displays marble plaques with carved names of more than 11,600 soldiers and over 200 workers of the home-front honored during the war with the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the Hero of Socialist Labor. On the hill beneath the museum, traditional flower shows are held. The sword of the statue was cut because the tip of the sword was higher than the cross of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra.


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The Golden Gates of Kiev – Overseas Medical Ukraine

3) The Golden Gate in Kiev is one of the few buildings of Kievan Rus that have survived to this day.

The Golden Gate is a unique structure in the city’s defensive system. In the XI century, together with the Sofia, Lyadsky and Lvov gates, a rampart and a moat, they constituted a single defensive system of Kiev, created at the behest of Yaroslav the Wise. The Golden Gate was built roughly in 1017-1037 (the gates are mentioned in the annals of 1037).

Above the gate was built the Annunciation Church, in which the first Russian Metropolitan Hilarion delivered the famous “Word of Law and Grace.” By the end of the XX century, the Golden Gate was a miserable ruin. In order to preserve the main city attraction, in 1970 the authorities of Kiev decided to rebuild them. The opening of the new Golden Gate was held in May 1982, the year of the celebration of the 1500th anniversary of Kyiv.


4) The National Art Museum of Ukraine – one of the largest and oldest in Ukraine.

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The Art Museum of Ukraine – Overseas Medical Ukraine

Over a long period of existence (over 100 years) in funds it collected a unique collection of Ukrainian painting, sculpture and graphics of the XII century. to the present. This was one of the central institutions to preserve, study and promote the national fine art, a source of spiritual culture.

It is located in a building on Hrushevsky Street specially designed for this purpose by the architect V. Gorodetsky under the project of P. Boytsov (neoclassicism), the sculptural design of E. Sal.


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People’s Friendship Arch – Overseas-Medical Ukraine

5) People’s Friendship Arch – sculpture in Kiev at the cruciform park in honor of “unification of Ukraine with Russia.” This term is called the agreement adopted by the Council in Pereiaslav 1654.

The composition was in 1982 in preparation for the celebration of the 1500th anniversary of Kyiv, replacing the summer stage.

Creating a monument tied to the anniversary of the Soviet Union, proclaimed December 30, 1922, but did not wait for winter and opened the memorial on the eve of the 65th anniversary of the October Revolution of 1917. At the opening ceremony the Chairman of the Communist Party of Ukraine Vladimir Shcherbytsky.

The people arch zovetsya many unofficial names “yoke”, “arch”, “donut”, “Monument bicyclist.”


6) Monument to the founders of Kiev – established in 1982 in honor of the founders of Kiev.

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Monument to the founders of Kiev – Overseas-Medical-Ukraine

Horeb, Kiy, Shchek and sister Lybid, according to the legends reflected in the Russian chronicles of the 11th-12th centuries, were princes in the tribal association of glades and the founders of the three settlements that later formed the city of Kiev.

The authors are the sculptor V. 3. Borodai, the architect N. M. Feshchenko.

The monument is located on the embankment of the Dnieper, near the metro station “Dnepr”.

Another monument to the founders of Kiev was established in 2002 on the Independence Square.

On February 23, 2010, the monument was dismantled for reconstruction and solemnly opened on May 20, 2010 to the Day of Kiev.


7) The monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky (Kyiv) – is a monument in Kiev dedicated to the Hetman of

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The monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky – Overseas Medical Ukraine

 Zaporizhian Host Bohdan Khmelnytsky built in 1888. It is one of the oldest sculptural monuments, a dominating feature of Sophia Square and one of the city’s symbols.

The monument is located almost in the middle of the Sophia Square (formerly the main city’s square) on the axis that unites both belltowers of the Sophia Cathedral and the St.Michael’s Monastery.

Here on 23 December 1648 residents of Kiev met Khmelnytsky leading his Cossacks’ regiments by entering the city through the Golden Gates soon after the victory over Polish Army at the battle of Pyliavtsi.


8) St. Michael’s Monastery – construction in 1108-1113 years grandson of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev

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Sophia Cathedral – Overseas Medical Ukraine

Sviatopolk II of Kiev at the St. Michael’s Cathedral.

Shestistolpny cross-dome church with three naves and a gilded dome. At the beginning of the XX century temple – 7-dome (top photo). St. Michael’s Cathedral was built with stones and bricks, lime-plinfy on tsem’yakovomu rozchini technique “mixed masonry” using holosnikiv in the axils of the vaults. Wall Cathedral prikrashali mosaics and frescoes. He was one of the most ancient monasteries of Kyiv.

On the territory of the monastery nahodytsya Kyiv Orthodox Theological Academy and the Church of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian.

By Reynold Haydenshtaynom, Queen Anna Jagiellon spriyala construction of the church in Krakow, a model for kotorogo WAS St. Michael’s Cathedral Kyiv.


9) Andriyivskyy Descent is a historic descent connecting Kiev’s Upper Town neighborhood and the

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Andriyivskyy Descent – Overseas Medical Ukraine

historically commercial Podil neighborhood. The street, often advertised by tour guides and operators as the “Montmartre of Kiev”, is a major tourist attraction of the city. It is included in the list of national landmarks by the government resolution.

In addition, the street is also part of the Kiev city historic reserve “Ancient Kiev”, while the St.Andrew’s Church belongs to the National historic reserve “Sophia of Kiev”.
The descent, 720 metres (2,360 ft) in length, is constructed of laid cobblestones and connects Old Kyiv (Upper city) with Podil (Lower city). It starts at the end of Volodymyrska Street and winds down steeply around the Zamkova Hora hill, ending near the Kontraktova Square. The Andriyivskyy Descent is marked by a couple historic landmarks, including the Castle of Richard the Lionheart, the 18th century baroque Saint Andrew’s Church, famed Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov’s house, and numerous other monuments.


10) Catholic church of St. Nicholas – is the second Roman Catholic cathedral built in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

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Catholic church of St.Nicholas – Overseas Medical Ukraine

Today the building is shared between the Roman Catholic Church of Ukraine and the National House of Organ and Chamber Music. Another Catholic church, the St. Alexander Roman Catholic Cathedral, is the oldest Catholic church in the city and is located near the European Square behind the Ukrainian House in Kyiv.

It was constructed from 1899–1909 and was built in a Gothic type construction, by Kyiv architects V. Gorodetsky and E. Sala. Historically, it belonged to the Latin Rite Catholic community. It stands at vulytsia Velyka Vasylkivska (Greater Vasylkiv street) in Pechersk Raion next to the National Linguistic University of Kyiv between the National Sports Complex Olimpiysky and the Railroad station Kyiv-Tovarny.


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