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Cost effective virginity reconstruction in Ukraine


  • Weekend (Friday – Monday) travel format.
  • Low prices in Ukraine.
  • Highly skilled plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience.
  • Short operation time – less than an hour.
  • Excellent medical clinic facility with English speaking medical personnel.
  • Utmost confidentiality guaranteed.
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What is Hymenoplasty?

Despite the sexual revolution, the subject of a women’s virginity is still relevant in the world. Of course, the barbarous days when women were expelled from their community or indeed murdered for the loss of their innocence prior to marriage has rightfully passed. However, many cultures and religions still consider an intact hymen to indicate a mark of virginity. Therefore this reconstruction surgery to repair the hymen remains in popular demand by modern patients.

Reasons for hymen restoration surgery:

The reasons for hymen reconstruction are many and varied, ranging from a daughter’s fear of her parents due to religious beliefs, or a desire to ‘refresh’ a current relationship. Perhaps a medic may recommend their patient seek solace post an unwanted sexual encounter. Medical reasons for this reconstruction surgery do not exist – the requirement for such manipulation is purely a woman’s desire.

Hymenoplasty – an operation to surgically restore the hymen, a membrane that partially closes the opening of the vagina, successfully carried out for more than 40 years.

In our clinics a virginity restoration surgery is performed on an outpatient basis with maximum delicacy and full confidentiality. The operation lasts approximately 40 minutes. After the hymen repair, patients do not report experiencing any problems with future sexual activity or childbirth.

Types of hymenoplasty

We offer either short-term or long-term hymen surgery.

Short-term hymenoplasty is conducted when a result is required within the next 7-10 days. In this case, the hymen is simply sutured together. The procedure is usually carried out under local anaesthetic, and full healing does not occur meaning the result is short-lived.

Long-term results to restore virginity consists of a more complex operation as it involves the restoration of the whole of the hymen, including vaginal tissue. This ensures the restoration of virginity in perpetuity. Therefore, it is conducted under a general anaesthetic. During reconstruction surgery we use absorbable sutures, limiting further intrusion.

How long is the hymenoplasty procedure?

20-40 minutes.

Particulars of the procedure

Hymenoplasty surgery is carried out 4-5 days prior to the next menstruation period.

Hymenoplasty can be performed several times, but not indefinitely as the vaginal lining used to reconstruct the hymen becomes thinner with each manipulation.

Hymen replacement surgery is painless and safe for women. Almost immediately after surgery, the patient is able to leave the clinic and return to their usual rhythm of life.

Eligibility for hymenoplasty under the NHS

Hymenoplasty is considered a cosmetic procedure and therefore would not be considered for NHS eligibility.

How It Works

As the express hymen re-attachment surgery is a simple operation, it is an outpatient treatment with conveniently no requirement to stay overnight. This is a popular Weekend Cosmetic Surgery Package.

Step 1. Consultation and quotation

  • Send us your request with a description of your desired surgical option (preferred hymenoplasty procedure).
  • Skype contact details are required for your doctor to complete an online consultation.
  • Consultation with your doctor. The doctor will contact you and schedule a confidential and convenient time for an on-line consultation. This is free of charge.
    After your consultation you will receive a Consultation Report with a quotation.
  • Quotation will include: anaesthestic options, staying arrangements in the clinic, consultations with other doctors (physician and anaesthetist), cost of operation and any medication required to take home (if needed).

Step 2. Lab tests and scans

  • Upon making a decision, your doctor will provide you with an exact list of medical tests/scans needed, assuming you do not have any contraindications.
  • The tests could be conducted in your home country, however, due to the low medical costs in Ukraine, it is worth considering a short weekend visit to Ukraine so we can complete all of the necessary tests and consultations on Saturday – Sunday.
  • A standard package of 10 medical tests, 5 scans and doctor’s consultation costs approximately £130 in Ukraine.
  • During that visit you may wish to combine any Dental treatment, Botox or Hair and Nails treatments, due to them being 60-70% cheaper than in the UK.

Step 3. Reserving a date of treatment

  • When the doctor is entirely satisfied with your medical test results, you will be contacted to make a convenient appointment for your chosen medical procedure to be conducted.
  • At this stage, it is a requirement that you transfer 50% of pre-payment for your treatment directly to the clinic’s bank account.
  • After which the clinic will reserve a date for your operation, and you will receive pre-operative instructions.

Step 4. Air-tickets, hotel booking

  • We suggest you proceed personally with your travel arrangements. It is more cost effective than booking flights through a travel agent.
  • We recommend you consider the hotels/apartments within the vicinity of the clinic and central Kiev.
  • For further guidance, visit our web page Organising your trip.

Step 5: Day 0. Arrival in Ukraine (Friday)

  • A great number of overseas flights arrive in Kiev, Ukraine at Borispol airport (25 miles from central Kiev) in the second half of the day.
  • It is highly likely that you would arrive in Kiev in time for dinner, or an evening walk.
  • A guide from Overseas Medical Ukraine will greet you at the airport and take you straight to your apartment/hotel.
  • We strongly recommend that you have your last meal before 11 pm of Day 0, and refrain from drinking alcohol.

Step 6: Day 1. Appointment and operation (Saturday)

  • At 9am our driver will collect you from your hotel/apartment and bring you to the clinic. A completely empty stomach is vital for surgery therefore no solids or liquids should have been consumed since 11pm the previous evening.
  • You will have a consultation with your physician and anaesthetist.
  • There will be time allocated for completing paper formalities.
  • The operation usually takes up to 30 minutes for a short-term procedure under local anaesthetic and up to 1.5 hours under general anaesthesia.
  • You will be able to leave the clinic in the afternoon post a short-term hymen restoration. However, having undergone a long-term hymenoplasty, you will be required to stay at the clinic overnight. An English-speaking nurse will be present to assist you with any needs and ensure that you are comfortable.
  • You will be provided with compression underwear (between £45 – £80).

Step 7: Day 2. Recovery (Sunday)

  • If you stay overnight, a nurse will remain to assist you with morning activities, and administer all medication.
  • We will provide all meals. Your doctor will complete a final check-up prior to your departure, at which point he will suggest recommendations for the immediate future and answer any questions you may have.
  • It is strongly recommended that you refrain from salty, canned, frozen and fatty foods during your convalescence. We can recommend healthy restaurants for you to dine at.
  • After the short-term hymenoplasty operation, you may wish to undergo some further enhancing procedures such as Hair and Nails or Dentistry, which we are able to organise for you.

Step 8: Day 3. Departure home (Monday)

Many international flights depart in the morning. Your patient co-ordinator will pick you up from your hotel/apartment up to 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time, and take you to Kiev Borispol airport.


Prices for hymenoplasty procedure 

Cost of hymenoplasty EUR GBP
Surgical deflowering € 50 £ 43
Suturing the hymen – 2 layer method € 960 £ 825
Hymen restoration € 400 £ 344
Express restoration of hymen € 293 £ 252

There are additional costs for the anaesthetic and medical tests. Full price list is here.

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