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Why whitening is needed?

Tooth enamel darkening is quite a common problem. It can be caused by many reasons, including: the natural aging, the impact of colorants, which are contained in coffee, red wine, tea, the use of some antibiotics, and so on. However, there is a solution to this problem and it is professional teeth whitening procedure.

What teeth whitening methods are available today?

There are two best teeth whitening methods:

  • Zoom 3 teeth whitening;
  • Laser teeth whitening.

ZOOM 3 teeth whitening

Zoom teeth whitening system is a recognized leader among dental whitening procedures. Its benefits include:

  • bleaching of tooth enamel which lost its whiteness with age or under the influence of external factors, such as smoking;
  • it saves its effect for a long time when following recommendation of your dentist;
  • minimum requirements – treated teeth, lack of dental stones, it is prohibited to perform the procedure in case of cancer;
  • this type of teeth whitening is suitable for sensitive teeth.

The main ingredient is a zoom teeth whitening gel that does not alter the acid-base balance in the oral cavity, furthermore, it strengthens the tooth enamel, due to the presence in its composition of calcium phosphate. Molecules of oxygen released from the gel under the influence of light rays penetrate into the deeper layers of the tooth, eliminating even persistent pigmentation.

Zoom whitening is different from zoom 3 whitening system only by the time spent on carrying out the procedure. In case of zoom system, bleaching should be repeated several times depending on the degree of teeth pigmentation, while teeth whitening with zoom 3 system could be done at once. Individual selection of zoom 3 whitening system, as well as of the new tooth enamel colour maintenance set will increase the effectiveness of the procedure.

Laser teeth whitening technology: the advantages and features of the procedure

The so-called laser whitening, under which is understood the use of special UV light spectrum as well, is not only an effective procedure of teeth whitening, but also it has an antibacterial effect, which helps to prevent tooth decay.

A benefit of this technology is also almost complete elimination of age-related changes of the enamel colors that may not be available otherwise. The advantages of dental laser whitening include:

  • the ability to enhance the effect achieved during the following procedure;
  • it’s painless;
  • it is possible to whiten each tooth separately removing any stains;
  • normal tooth sensitivity keeping.

The technology involves applying to the patient’s teeth a whitening gel that is activated with laser, so this method is accurate and enables to choose teeth that need to be bleached, thus it helps to save time.

Is laser teeth whitening safe?

Yes, laser teeth whitening is safe but you shouldn’t have laser whitening procedure in case of:

  • Pregnancy or breast-feeding;
  • Periodontal disease;
  • Wearing braces.

How much is teeth whitening?

Usually the teeth whitening total cost in Ukraine is around £216 for Smile Zoom Whitening. There as the cost of tooth wintering in UK is around £400. Visit our Price page for more info.

Before and after pictures of teeth whitening

(These before and after pictures made at our partner-clinic of real patients. As teeth whitening surgery results are individual your results may differ).

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