Gynecomastia surgery from £465

Male breast reduction surgery in Ukraine

Male breast reduction surgery in Ukraine is defined by an increase of volume in the male mammary glands. The purpose of this surgery is to restore the patient’s anatomy to a regular shape. The breast volume is reduced with surgical excision, or liposuction from fat forms. In some cases, both techniques may be combined. Any excess skin may be removed.

  • Technological Terms

Sometimes, men develop a condition in which their breasts gain a female appearance. This is known as gynecomastia. The op­eration to correct it is called gynecomastia reduction.

  • What it will do

Gynecomastia surgery removes excess fat and glandular tissue to restore a flatter and firmer chest, with no suggestion of female breast formation.

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a medical term that means “female-like breasts”. It occurs when men have firm breast tissue. There is real and pseudo gynecomastia. When men have real gynecomastia they actually possess breast tissue, and no amount of dieting or exercise can eradicate it.  As it is not fat, only surgical intervention can assist with the removal. Men with pseudo or false gynecomastia generally suffer from excess weight, thus weight loss is necessary. If a patient is suffering with enlarged breasts, we recommend a visit to their general practitioner to define the type of gynecomastia, and whether surgery is advised.

What happens before the gynecomastia surgery?

Prospective patients will be required to organise a consultation with the surgeon to discuss what they hope to achieve. The surgeon will describe the surgery in depth, including the place where the incisions are to be made and the type of anaesthetic. Patients will also be asked to provide their medical history in order for the surgeon to check whether there might be any restrictions. Photographs of the chest may be taken before and after, for the purpose of comparison.

What happens during the male breast reduction cosmetic surgery?

In most cases, the surgeon will use a local anaesthetic for gynecomastia surgery, combined with a sedative. Patients will feel no pain and remain conscious, although drowsy. General anaesthetics are rarely used for this procedure due to having more side effects. The whole procedure of the operation takes approximately 2 hours. Surgeons are able to use different techniques for this surgery, which is dependent upon the amount of excess tissue requiring to be removed. If there is not much excess skin and the main problem is fat, then liposuction may be decided upon. During liposuction surgery, small incisions are made either in the armpit or around the areola. Fluid is injected under the skin, and the excess fat is then suctioned out in liquid form. If the fat deposits are relatively thick, then fat cells might first be destroyed with ultrasonic rays, and then extracted. For more information about liposuction techniques click here.

The final method of gynecomastia surgery is used when there is a great deal of excess skin and breast tissue. It is a more complicated procedure, as the surgeon is required to make three incisions – around the areola, under the breast, and from the nipple down to the crease line under the breast. Excess skin and tissue are removed, and the surgeon will then tighten the skin to create a masculine form, and then suture to secure.

What is the male breast reduction surgery recovery period?

Usually, patients may return home between 1-2 days after the gynecomastia surgery. We advise waiting 1 week before returning to work, with rest in the meantime.

What it will not do 

This operation will not provide a muscular chest. If the skin is very stretched prior to surgery, it may not appear taut post surgery. It will however create a more masculine contour of the chest.

What are the risks and complications post surgery?

Bruising and swelling are entirely normal post male breast reduction surgery. This will subside within a few weeks. A reaction to the anaesthetic, nerve damage, asymmetrical nipples and infection are listed as potential issues – all of which are relatively rare. If liposuction is carried out, the scars would be almost invisible. However, if an extensive breast reduction surgery with excess skin removal is performed, the scars will be more visible. Yet, these will fade over time.

What occurs post the operation?

The surgeon will offer some recommendations to consider. They may include:

  • Organising for accompaniment immediately post surgery, and for the following few days.
  • Pain management medication.
  • Wearing a bandage or elastic pressure garment to reduce the swelling. During the first 2-3 weeks after the procedure, it is necessary to wear a specialized elastic shirt to enable adequate skin contraction, and to assist formation of the pectoral muscles contour.
  • Visiting a general practitioner to remove sutures.
  • To seek immediate medical attention with any sign of bleeding or infection.

We recommend returning to work between 5-7 days after surgery (or before if patients feel able). The surgeon will advise refraining from all sport for 3-4 weeks.

How long does the gynecomasty operation take?

The operation is a simple procedure and does not require a long rehabilitation period. It is a day case surgery. Generally patients leave the clinic a few hours post surgery.

Are there any reasons why patients should not undergo this procedure?

If patients have a clear vision of what they hope to achieve, together with an understanding of the risks or complications, there are no reasons as to why this surgery cannot be performed. The surgeon will take a comprehensive medical history and note any contraindications. If patients are prone to keloid scarring, they should be aware that any visible scarring would not fade with time.

What is the cost?

As is the case with all cosmetic surgery male breast reduction is not covered by the National Health Service. The cost of male breast cosmetic surgery is from £465 – £765. The cost will obviously vary according to the complexity of surgery, but we can guarantee it is highly competitive in comparison to the UK/EU. For an individual costing, please Request Your Free Quote Now.

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