IVF+Egg Donation

In vitro fertilisation + Egg Donation in Kiev, Ukraine

IVF with eggs donation is an effective method of treating infertility when a woman cannot use her own eggs:

  • When a woman has no ovaries or low-quality eggs produced or are they are not produced at all;
  • There have been unsuccessful attempts with other fertility treatments, including IVF;
  • Due to chromosomal abnormality there is a risk of passing inherited genetic disorder to a baby;
  • A single woman at a menopause stage.

How does in vitro fertilization IVF with egg donation in reproductive clinic?

The entire (complete) cycle of in vitro fertilization with donor eggs takes place in several stages.

1. Induction of superovulation
Consultation with gynecologist – fertility specialist For the induction of superovulation in the clinic, it uses the safest, highly purified or recombinant drugs.
Superovulation is the process of maturation of more than one follicle in the ovaries (usually reproductive doctors achieve maturation at once 7-12 follicles, which is optimal for the success of IVF). The stage of induction of superovulation is 7-14 days and depends on the individual indications of each patient.
2. Puncture of ovarian follicles


Occurs after the final maturation of the follicles, under the supervision of ultrasound. We use intravenous anesthesia during this procedure. In this case the patient calmly and painlessly sleeps. The contents of the ovarian follicles are ripened with mature eggs.
 3. Embryological procedure in IVF


After the final ripening of the eggs removed from the follicles, a sperm is introduced into each of them by the ICSI method. Then, within a few days, the embryos that are formed after this fertilization are cultivated in the clinic embryo. The reproductive health doctor determines 1 or 2 of the best embryos and prepares them for transfer to the uterine cavity of the patient. If successfully fertilized cells are larger than needed for a single transfer, we also propose a procedure for cryopreservation of embryos in order, if necessary, to repeat the embryo transfer procedure in the future again. You will be able to “plant” almost ready embryos. The ability to develop will not change after defrosting.


 4. Transfer of embryos into the uterine cavity of a woman


Transfer of embryos passes under ultrasound – the control without any painful sensations for the woman. The clean procedure time is about 5 minutes.
 5. Testing for pregnancy


In the clinic, the patient gives a special type of blood test (the presence of human hCG in the blood of chorionic gonadotropin), which allows talking about the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy. This procedure is performed after 2 weeks (14 calendar days) after the embryonic transfer. If the test results are “positive”, then you are pregnant!
A week after taking the HCG test, the reproductive health specialist confirms the fact of pregnancy with ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

How to improve the effectiveness of IVF?

In vitro fertilization is a medical procedure, and to increase its effectiveness, and hence the onset of pregnancy, the reproductive health clinic recommends the following:

For women:For men:
  • it is advisable to coordinate with the reproductive physician the drugs that you often use in everyday life,
  • temporarily refuse to take dietary supplements (BAA),
  • regularly take the vitamins prescribed by your doctor – a reproductive health expert,
  • restrict smoking and alcohol,
  • if possible, reduce the intake of coffee and other stimulants,
  • To exclude exhausting dietary food with the purpose of growing thin,
  • temporarily exclude baths and saunas.
  • prevent chronic diseases, taking into account the testimony of a reproductive physician,
  • replace the hot tub and sauna with a summer shower,
  • Limit smoking and drinking alcohol,
  • reduce the frequency of physical activity,
  • wearing loose-cut underwear and made of natural fabric,
  • 3-5 days before sperm delivery, refrain from sexual activity.

How It Works

Prices for IVF

IVF + ICSI with medication€ 3834£ 3414$4700
IVF program in natural cycle + ICSI€ 2007£ 1787$2460
Testicular biopsy (ТESE/TESA/MESA) (without the cost of intravenous anesthesia)€ 223£ 182$273
Investigation of testicular tissue biopsy / epididymis for the presence of sperm€ 20£ 18$25
Assisted hatching€ 157£ 140$192
PICSI€ 126£ 112$154
Agency fee270250325

Full price list is here.

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