Massage and SPA in Kiev

SPA massage – is one of the most common and effective cosmetology procedures that contribute to the improvement of muscle tone, promoting metabolic processes and circulation, as well as general improvement of the body, thanks to the accelerated release of cells from the products of metabolism and decay.

SPA massage improves the condition of the skin and subcutaneous fat. The skin is cleansed of dirt, clogging pores, germs, dead cells of the epidermis.

Normalization of the sebaceous and fat glands promotes more rapid enrichment of cells with nutrients. The skin becomes resistant to temperature changes, acquires a healthy color, elasticity and smoothness.

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Massage and SPA in Kiev – Overseas Medical Ukraine


SPA massage: benefits

  • Under the influence of massage there is an improvement of blood supply;
  • Stagnant processes are eliminated, which promotes the shortest renewal of the skin, making it young and supple;
  • Endurance and mobility of muscles and ligaments are affected;
  • Massage activates metabolic processes;
  • Treats gastritis, sciatica, prostatitis and pneumonia;
  • Massage lowers blood pressure;
  • Affects the state of the cardiovascular system;
  • Has an effect on the nervous system;


NAME OF SERVICE40 minutes (£)60 minutes (£)90 minutes (£)120 minutes (£)
 THAI Massage 20273240
 OIL Massage 25283540
 FOOT Massage 1621
 Face Massage 1721
 Back Massage 172532
 Back Massage with hot stone 253546
 Hot Herbal Compress42
 Hot STONE Massage 4250
 THAI + FOOT Massage 46
 OIL Massage + Face Massage60
 Thai + Foot + Head Massage53
 Slim Massage (anticellulite) 39
 Spa Massage64
 Sport Massage324146
 Children Massage from 5 years 21
 Menu CHOKDI43

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