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But now we stopped our operations in Ukraine due to Russia invasion.

Because of big gap in living standards in the U.K. and Ukraine as well as and Ukrainian currency devaluation there is a huge difference in cost of medical services with the similar quality. We spotted that.

So, we want you also mind the gap by saving on medical treatment in Ukraine with: verified and reputable clinics, leading Ukrainian doctors recognised internationally, treatment at affordable budget, quotes directly form the clinics without gross-ups, our local support with in all aspects.

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How Does It Work?

Step 1: Ask for your Quick Free Quote

Send us your request and any available reports: diagnostic and pathological. We select a suitable clinic-partner according your needs and send your data to, at least, three clinics.
You receive a free quote – a preliminary calculation of your treatment.

Step 2: Booking a date of your treatment

For some procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgery you will be required to make 50% advance payment directly to the clinic. Upon the payment transfer, we reserve a date for your treatment. Then you will receive your pre-operative instructions.

Step 3: Travelling to Ukraine

It is a cost-saving  ‘Simple Travel Model’ – you will personally book your flight and accommodation. If visa and/or accommodation advice are needed, we are here to support. Let us know your travel details and we will pick you up from the airport and arrange hotel check-ins/outs. For travel planning please see our tips at Organising your trip.

Step 4: Treatment and recovery

We take care of all your appointments/transportation/coordination  and translation. Our travel co-ordinator takes you to/out of the clinic and assists with all arrangements. After the procedure we remain at your service.

Step 5: Leisure in Kiev

While you stay in Kiev you may desire to enjoy some  Sightseeing and leisure or Wellness and SPA.

We fully support you with arrangements, and you will get  a transportation and an interpreter.

Step 6: Return home

Overseas Medical Ukraine ensures that you are fully prepared for the return to your home country – we will organize all check-outs and take you to the airport.

Step 7: After care

If you need any follow-up consultations with the doctor we will endeavour to arrange it.

Choosing you Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Tour

Calculate your saving with on cosmetic surgery and medical treatment with our saving calculator. – guidelines are here click here.
We have selected medical procedures from quality proven clinics to give you affordable and highly efficient medical service in Ukraine for your budged. You will get advise on the best hospitality options during your stay in Ukraine, according to your preference.

Why Ukraine?

There are ten major reasons for coming to Ukraine for medical treatment. Having a highly developed private medical sector and due to an economic downturn, Ukrainian prices for medical treatment, particularly for cosmetic surgery and beauty therapy are extremely competitive in comparison to the UK and EU prices.

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Why did they make their choice in our favour?


“Thanks to you and your wonderful staff for giving me the exiting dental travel experience in Ukraine.”

Montana from the UK travelled to Ukraine with Overseas Medical Ukraine for high quality and cost-effective dental treatment.


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