SmartLipo cost from £196

Laser liposuction procedure in Ukraine

  • Effective correction of localised fat deposits.
  • Short laser liposuction procedure time: 1-2 hours.
  • No need to stay in clinic overnight.
  • Innovative Laser Lipolysis – an excellent alternative to traditional liposuction with a high Hollywood standard.
  • The newest laser lipolysis device SmartLipo with built-in software protocol allows delicately remove fat deposits.
  • Short rehabilitation period with the persistent result.
  • Laser liposuction over week-end in Kiev, Ukraine.

Laser lipo – what is it?

Laser Lipo or smart Lipo is one of the most up-to- date ways of liposuction due to its simplicity and efficiency. During this procedure fat cells are destroyed with laser and as a result fat is turned into liquid which is easily sucked afterwards. Laser also stimulates collagen production thus there is no loose skin after wards.

Laser liposuction is carried out for several years in Europe, America. Japan. This technique experienced a lot of Hollywood stars such as Carmen Electra, Demi Moore, Colin Donovan, Lindsay Lohan and many others, so laser liposuction is now called “Hollywood”. Now you have an opportunity to carry out this procedure in Ukraine with attractive cost.

SmartLipo – what is it?

Laser lipolysis on SmartLipo equipment will carry out a delicate removal of fat deposits.

The Italian company DEKA has developed and implemented the technology of laser lipolysis. Until today it is the only manufacturer who gained a great experience and methods of usage of laser liposuction.

Where on the body SmartLipo is performed?

The laser liposuction areas are:

  • the knees and inner thighs
  • the area of “ears” on the thighs
  • lower and upper part of the tummy (especially after childbirth)
  • to deal with the excessive volume on hands and forearms
  • improve facial contours
  • remove the double chin

When Laser lipo is most effective?

The method of Laser Lipo is most effective for body areas with “stubborn” fat that is almost impossible to get rid of with special diet and physical exercises: chin, knees, back, hips and thighs, upper arms.

The laser has is a comprehensive effect on the treated area: breaks the fat cells, stimulates collagen synthesis by warm deep tissue, coagulate blood vessels, improves skin turgor.

This modern method of laser treatment is used for coping with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).  Smartlipo laser destroys most of the sweat glands.

What happens before liposuction? 

Generally before Laser lipo you would be taken some tests such as blood test and anaesthetic test. Your picture before liposuction may also be taken to compare it later with a result of SmartLipo. Your doctor would also recommend you not to take drugs such as aspirin before the procedure. Alcohol is prohibited as well.

The technology of laser lipolysis

The advantage of SmartLipo technology – laser liposuction over other methods is the selective destruction of fat cells adjacent to the coagulation of blood vessels and capillaries, as well as the stimulation of collagen synthesis (tightening of the skin in the area of lipolysis).

The surrounding tissue does not interact with the laser beam, are not damaged. SmartLipo allows delicately remove fat deposits in places where traditional liposuction is contraindicated.

Laser system of last generation DEKA allows you to:

  • create an elegant contour of the face, chin and cheeks
  • simulate the knees, forearms, upper abdomen and inner thighs
  • in place of the procedure forming a powerful collagen framework that provides a stable and consistent results

What are the advantages of laser liposuction?

Gentle removal of body fat in areas where diet and exercise is already powerless to change anything.

A powerful collagen framework is formed on the treated area. That provides a stable and long-lasting result.

Laser lipo  is a good opportunity to refuse a traditional liposuction as SmartLipo is chipper and does not require staying in clinic overnight. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. Through gentle on the skin, the procedure is particularly indicated for patients who can not afford a long recovery period.

What happens during the laser liposuction?

Laser liposuction is done with local anaesthetic. A surgeon makes a small incision and inserts a very small tube called cannula under the skin. Laser ray goes through this micro tube destroying fat cells and turning them into liquid substance. This liquid fat is then sucked with a special syringe or a pump or it could be left to the body to be gradually absorbed. Due to the micro size of incision Laser lipo is considered to be the least invasive among other liposuction techniques and thus it is the best way of liposuction for delicate areas (face, knees, upper arms).

The laser beam transmitted through the microcannulas 1 mm diameter optical fiber 300 microns. The effect of fat cell membrane destruction not only thermal but also mechanical. The cellular content of adipocytes (fat cells) is transformed into an emulsion of low viscosity, which can be removed by natural forces of the body or, if desired, by aspiration.

Coagulation of blood vessels and capillaries allows the procedure without blood loss and bruising at the same time ensuring quick subsequent rehabilitation. The effect of intradermal photic stimulation triggers the synthesis of collagen, which contributes to the natural process of lifting in the area of the procedure. SmartLipo opens new horizons in the treatment of excess fat deposits, makes it possible to abandon the usual method of liposuction to laser microcannulas using optical fiber.

What happens after laser liposuction?

After Laser lipo procedure you may go to hotel the same day. The recovery period after liposuction is about a week. What are side-effects of laser liposuction There could be some bruising and swelling at the treated area. In very rare cases you can get infection as a side-effect of Laser Lipo. Some asymmetry is also possible as a long term complication.

Laser Lipo restrictions

Laser lipo is not recommended for pregnant women and for breastfeeding women. It is also not suitable for people with obesity.

Laser Lipo results

Normally it takes from several weeks to several months to see the results of Laser Lipo treatment. It is because our body needs time to process released fat. And of course, you need to keep diet and do some exercise to keep your new body shape and avoid gaining weight.

The aesthetic effect after laser liposuction is noticeable almost immediately.

Minimal trauma procedures, simultaneous coagulation of blood vessels, the number of hematomas (bruises) minimum, sterilization of the treated area with a laser beam.

Visual inspection of the treated area (the doctor sees precisely by a laser beam, where lipolysis occurs at the moment).

Improve tone, elasticity of the skin over the treated area, fotostimuliruyuschy effect (neoblyativnoe resurfacing).

During a session of laser lipolysis patient does not feel almost no pain, there may repeat the procedure.

What is the price of Laser Lipo?

The price of Laser Lipo abroad depends on the number of areas treated at the time and on the size of one area:

Laser lipolysis one area (10 х 10 cm) – £196

Laser lipolysis ob the face (chin and sagged checks)  –  £387

Set of medical tests – £20

How It Works

This procedure is easily done as a Weekend Surgery. there is no need to stay in the clinic overnight. Our patients found that Friday – Monday is the most convenient format for SmartLipo. Just follow 8 simple steps towards your better look.

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