Weekend Cosmetic Surgery Packages

Improving your look over week-end in Ukraine


  • Reception at Borispol airport (KBP), Ukraine and Kiev leisure


  • Cosmetic surgery/beauty treatment in clinic
  • For some procedures staying in clinic overnight


  • Post surgery assistant and recovery


  • Transfer to the airport for departure

Weekend Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Treatment Packages

Serving our patients over a last year we have selected the most popular One Day Surgeries that are convenient to do over week-end. So, you do not have to spend a long vacation.  Just jump in the plane and spend a weekend in Ukraine for getting a new look. Here are our Weekend Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Treatment Packages.

How It Works

For your taking advantage One Day Surgery with of low Ukrainian prices we will help you to arrange a weekend end medical tour to Kiev.

Follow 7 simple steps for improving your look spending few days off towards your better look.

Step 1. Consultation and quotation

  • Request Your Free Quote describing you desired improvements.
  • Give us your Skype contacts for forwarding them to a surgeon.
  • You will have a consultation with a doctor online. It’s free of charge.
    After a consultation you will get a Consultation Report with a Quotation.
  • Your Quotation will include cost of: surgery, options on anesthesia, staying arrangements in the clinic,  consultations with other doctors (physician and anesthesiologist), medicines for take away (if needed).
  • You will be also provided you with a list of medical tests/scans needed for the operation.

Step 2: Booking your surgery/treatment date

  • As you have made up your mind on Weekend surgery in Ukraine let us know.
  • You will need to make 50% of advance payment directly on a clinic’s bank account.
  • Then we book you date of surgery/treatment.
  • You will receive your pre-operative instructions.

Step 3: Travel arrangements

  • Our Simple Travel Model allows you to save on tickets and accommodation by self-booking.
  • You may use our guide Organising your trip for configure your booking arrangements.
  • If you need a support feel free to contact us.

Step 4- Friday: Day 0. Arrival to Ukraine

  • There are plenty of international flights that arrive in Kiev, capital of Ukraine to Borispol airport in the evening.
  • So you catch up a dinnertime or a walk on evening Kiev.
    A guide form Overseas Medical Ukraine will meet you up at the airport and take straight to the apartment/hotel or grocery shopping.
  • If you plan to go for a blood test early in the following morning of Saturday, you are strongly recommended to have your last meal before 11 PM on Friday and refraining from alcohol drink.

Step 5 - Saturday: Day 1. Cosmetic Surgery Treatment

  • Your patient coordinator will pick you up in the morning at 8:00AM. Make sure you are in a fasted condition (empty stomach). Brushing your teeth is ok, but don’t drink the water.
  • If you need to stay over night in the clinic you will check out from the hotel/apt.
  • Upon arrival to the clinic you’d pay for your cosmetic surgery procedure.
  • Then you will see your doctor and anesthesiologist for the pre-op consultation also fitting the compression garment (if required).
  • Afternoon and overnight you will stay at the clinic (if required). A nurse will help you with everything you need and to make sure you are comfortable.
  • If you are to come back to the hotel our travel coordinator will take you there.

Step 6 - Sunday: Day 2. Recovery

  • In the morning if you are in the clinic, a nurse will be beside you to help with all the morning activities. You will get your medication. If you stay at the hotel, a travel coordinator will visit you.
  • In the afternoon your Overseas Medical patient coordinator will be at the clinic to pick you up and take you to the hotel/apartment.
  • If you feel strength enough for extra activity   we recommend you going for Hair and Nails/Barber shop or Sightseeing.

Step 7 - Monday: Day 3. Departure home

  • It is convenient to live in the morning as you will have the rest of the day ahead for transfers. Please bare in mind a Ukraine – Europe/UK time difference: 1-2 hours ahead.
  • Your Overseas Medical coordinator will pick you up at the hotel/apartment up to 3 hour before your scheduled departure time and will take you to Kiev Borispol airport.

Recovery and post-opt therapy

  • Depending from the treatment and in most cases the patients are able to come back to work the next day after arrival.
  • It would also need spending some extra days at home for recovery.
  • You will have recommendation from your doctor in Ukraine about your recovery period and post-op measures at you home country: medications, post-op massage therapy etc.
  • If you need you may also get on-line consultation with the doctor in Ukraine or a visit to your home based physician. However it is not recommended to every single patient.
  • As inflammation will start coming down the results from your cosmetic treatment are visible and you will start enjoying your new and improved look.
  • Around 70% of our patients come back  for another treatments taking  opportunity of low  prices and hight quality of Ukrainian medical services.

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