Weekend Cosmetic Surgery Packages

Improving your look over week-end in Ukraine


  • Reception at Borispol airport (KBP), Ukraine and Kiev leisure


  • Cosmetic surgery/beauty treatment in clinic
  • For some procedures staying in clinic overnight


  • Post surgery assistant and recovery


  • Transfer to the airport for departure

Weekend Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Treatment Packages

Serving our patients over a last year we have selected the most popular One Day Surgeries that are convenient to do over week-end. So, you do not have to spend a long vacation.  Just jump in the plane and spend a weekend in Ukraine for getting a new look. Here are our Weekend Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Treatment Packages.

How It Works

For your taking advantage One Day Surgery with of low Ukrainian prices we will help you to arrange a weekend end medical tour to Kiev.

Follow 7 simple steps for improving your look spending few days off towards your better look.

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