Dental braces in Ukraine

Different types of dental braces in Kiev

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Braces are an orthodontic construction which is intended for teeth alignment. They consist of plates that are fixed to the teeth, and of an arc that connects plates and this way corrects teeth.

The patient has to wear installed braces continuously for 6 months to one and a half – two years.

Modern orthodontic brackets can be made of different materials and have different constructions, whereby there are several types of braces for teeth.

What are the most common types of teeth braces?

There are several types of braces depending on the material:

  • Metal braces are durable and relatively low cost. They effectively correct position of the teeth, but not very attractive aesthetically.
  • Ceramic braces are strong enough and aesthetic. Their colour can be easily selected according to the tooth enamel color. They have two main disadvantages: relatively high cost and large size.
  • Sapphire braces are made from artificially grown sapphire. They are durable, have high efficiency. These are almost invisible teeth braces due to the transparency of the sapphire and they are not stained by food. However, their cost is the highest among other types of braces. Furthermore, sapphire braces require thorough oral hygiene.
  • Plastic braces are usually not used for adults, because they are fragile and easily colored by food.

Depending on the installation method, are distinguished:

  • Vestibular bracket systems. They provide fixation to the front surfaces of the teeth, so that they then can be seen while talking and smiling. This installation method is the simplest one. In addition, vestibular braces cause less discomfort and it’s easier to care for them. But they are less attractive aesthetically.
  • Lingual braces are installed on the inside of the teeth. They are invisible, but installation is more difficult, besides it’s more difficult to clean them.

Depending on the method of fixing of the arc wire to the brackets, there are two types of construction:

  • Simple. The arc is rigidly connected with the locks using ligatures. At the same time, due to the rigid fixation of the teeth to the arc, it is necessary to apply more force to move them.
  • Self- ligating bracket system. It provides reliable fixation of the arc without its blocking. Therefore, it is possible to get more effect with less effort.

What are orthodontic braces?

Orthodontic bracket system, which is used in our clinics, is now one of the most popular. It is a self- ligating bracket with an original design: each lock has a firmly fixed cap, which leaves a small passage for the arc. As a result, we are able to fix the position of the teeth with minimal impact, the strength of which does not exceed the strength of mimic and chewing muscles.

Bracket system has some advantages:

  • High efficiency;
  • Less long-term treatment;
  • A minimal discomfort to the patient due to the little impact.

What happens during orthodontic treatment?

Before braces installation the patient consults with a doctor, orthodontist, who determines the degree of deformation and helps to select the optimal type of bracket system. He conducts a full examination, which includes making photo of face, x-rays, creating molds of jaws.

Next step is the installation of bracket system. This procedure is completely painless and is performed in a single visit. The orthodontist gives the patient some recommendations and assigns days of periodic visits for inspection and correction of braces arc. The frequency of follow-up visits depends on the degree of dentition deformation and the type of braces.

What are the terms of oral hygiene when wearing braces?

Careful oral hygiene is necessary to get the maximum effect of wearing braces. Teeth cleaning should be done after each meal for 5 minutes. Besides you need to use special toothbrushes:

  • With the V-shaped grooves for the braces;
  • single-beam brush with a thin tuft of bristles for cleaning places which are hard to reach;
  • Special brush for interdental spaces.

It is desirable to exclude from the diet sugar, caffeine and hard products.

How much do braces cost?

Planned activation of removable braces£ 29
Planned activation of aesthetic non-removable braces£ 80
Fixation of non-removable metal braces on one dentition£ 515
Fixation of non-removable ceramic (aesthetic) braces for one dentition£ 913
Fixation of new element of metal or aesthetic braces£ 57
Removal of metal braces from one dentition£ 114
Micro implant installation according to orthodontic indications£ 485
Repeated consultation of a dentistfree
Planned treatment for activation of non-removable metal system£ 57
Installation of the braces for the prevention of dentoalveolar anomalies£ 285
Fixation of non-removable self-ligating braces DAMON for one dentition£ 684
Fixation of non-removable aesthetic sapphire braces for one dentition£ 1255
Fixation of new element of sapphire or aesthetic braces£ 114
Removal of aesthetic braces from one dentition£ 228
Dentist consultation, treatment planningfree
Examination after surgeryfree

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