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If you think about setting dentures you may choose between two types of dentures – full and partial dentures – according to your need and the number of remaining teeth.

Full dentures

There are two main types of full dentures:

  • conventional full denture or complete denture. This type of full denture is supposed to be set in the mouth after all remaining teeth are removed. Upper full denture is based on the palate and the lower denture is shaped like a horseshoe, both dentures are placed on the special acrylic base on the gums. Full set of dentures is custom-made in a special laboratory on the base of the cast of your mouth done by a dentist beforehand.
  • immediate full denture. This type of denture is set right after the removal of all teeth. It is also a complete denture but it wouldn’t fit perfectly for some time as you need to make a correction of it during several months after installation, because healing processes change the shape of your gums. But at the same time there would be no period of time when you are without your teeth.

Partial dentures

Partial denture replaces one or more teeth in your mouth using remaining teeth as the base for installation. Partial denture could be an alternative to dental bridges.

Both partial and full dentures are removable dentures. But nowadays many people prefer to have implants instead of dentures. Implants can be called single tooth denture as they replace each missing tooth separately, they have titanium base fixed to the bone and a crown that looks like a real tooth. Implants are also individually made for each patient. In some cases implants can play a role of anchor for partial dentures.

In our clinics we provide a wide range of denture services: full and partial dentures, immediate dentures, same day dentures, various implant solutions and emergency damage repair. All our denture dentists are high-qualified professionals.

Denture repair – is it possible?

There is always a risk of denture damage, it can fall to the floor or a sink, or you may bite something hard. In any case you shouldn’t try to repair broken denture yourself. You may contact our clinic in Kiev and our specialists would fix your denture as soon as possible.

How long does it take to get used to dentures?

You should be ready to some awkwardness for the first weeks and sometimes months. It might be uncomfortable and perhaps even a bit difficult for some time to speak. The muscles of your mouth need time to get used to dentures.

How much do dentures cost?

Dentures cost depends on the types of dentures and varies from £350. Visit our Price page for more info.

How It Works

Book your denture or add it to your dental treatment plan

Reserve an appointment with a dentist for your Full and partial denture procedure. Once you visit a dental clinic in Ukraine you may wish to combine denture with other dental procedures. On the basis of information you provide our dentist estimates the volume of the expected dental work and its cost. If you desire to have more dental procedures during your visit you may send your medical data and panoramic X-ray (ortopantagramma) x-ray sample is helpful for the doctor.

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