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Affordable face fat removal surgery in Ukraine

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Cheeks reduction. Bichat fat pad removal

20 years ago the standards of female beauty changed completely, and it became fashionable to be slim and thin. If you wish, you may keep a diet and do physical exercises to become slim and fit. But, if you are in a good health, it is impossible to make your cheekbones look pronounced as though you are a Vogue model because it is something that you might only have on genetic level given by nature. At the same time, a woman with delicate features is considered not only beautiful but somewhat aristocratic. Modern plastic surgery makes it easy to get desired appearance. There is a variety of ways to remove fat from cheeks nowadays.

What are Bichat fat pads?

Bichat fat pads are inner cheek parts consisting of fat tissue. They are named after the famous French anatomist Marie-François-Xavier Bichat, who first described them. Bichat fat pads are located between the two muscles: gum muscle and cheek muscle. Their function is to make the sucking process easier for infants. And thus they are useless for adults.

Who are the suitable candidates for cheek fat removal surgery?

You may think about cheek fat pad removal if you:

  • Wish to have sunken cheeks and cheekbones more pronounced;
  • Have full cheeks;
  • Have a round face and full cheeks, which can be caused by excess weight, and congenital form of the face;
  • Have your facial contours reduced and the subsequent deepening of the nasolabial folds.

All these defects are caused by the fact that the buccal fat pad has a defined weight. It is different for each person and may change over a lifetime.

What happens before the surgery for removing fat?

Before the fat removal surgery the patient undergoes standard procedures including anesthesia tolerance test, AIDS blood test, sexually transmitted diseases test, hepatitis test. You need to follow all doctor’s recommendations if you wish to get a great result of fat cheek surgery and avoid any complications.

What happens during cheek fat surgery?

At the first meeting the patient can see the model of the future face in computer, and thus understand the result of face fat surgery.

Buccal fat pad removal is performed through the mouth. Accordingly, there are no scars on the face after cheek reduction. During the operation Bichat fat pad is pulled through the micro-incision and absorbable stitch is done. The surgeon makes this procedure for each cheek. Cheek fat reduction surgery allows to reduce the size of the cheeks and change the face contour.

Buccal fat pad removal can be combined with a facelift or ultrasound lifting especially if your aim is facial rejuvenation or gaining more lean, subtle forms.

What are the results of cheeks fat reduction?

  • Reducing the size of the cheeks;
  • Changing face contour;
  • Clear line of the chin cheeks;
  • Lifting of the lower part of the face;
  • Correction of facial contours. It becomes clearer and younger;
  • Reduction of nasolabial folds that also gives a rejuvenating effect.

How much is cheek reduction surgery?

Face (Buccal) fat removal surgery cost is about £220.

Please bare in mind associated cost of medical tests and travel.

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