Am I Being “Sold” to a cosmetic surgeon? The “Why Not!” Approach

web-DSC_1005 — копия — копияI continue sharing my observation about plastic surgeon selling technics.

Sandra consulted a cosmetic surgeon in UK about a breast reduction. “What about your ears?” he demanded. Sandra shrugged. “I know they stick out, but I don’t want them changed. I’m used to them. ”“Why not have them changed?” argued the surgeon, as though she was crazy.

Later, when discussing Sandra’s experience while walking along Khreschatik, main street of Kiev she complained: “He made me feel so dumb. Why not? I don’t know why not. They just don’t bother me. But it upset me. He made me feel so weird for not wanting them done, that I almost told him to go ahead and do them!”

Tony went to a cosmetic surgeon in Scotland about a scar on his face. “First the surgeon examined the scar,” he told me, “and then he started on my eyes. I said, ‘Wait a minute. My eyes have bags, but what the hell. I don’t want them fixed.’ He practically fell over and said, ‘Why not?’ like it was an insult to him. He made me feel so ridiculous, I couldn’t think ‘why not.’ I scheduled the surgery. Then I got out of there and the clouds cleared and I thought: ‘What the hell am I doing? They don’t bother me and it costs three thousand quid and I need a new car. That’s why not.’ ”

How to Handle the “Why Not!” Approach. “Why not?” is an aggressive, somewhat hostile sales approach. The cosmetic surgeon here is asking you why you are not spending more money on him (or her). Of course, the truthful answer is, “Why should I pay you money for something I don’t want done?” Aggression and anger are not helpful traits in your surgeon. Avoid them. If you were to be the patient of such a surgeon, and you had, for instance, a complication or if you complained of your result, you might find yourself treated aggressively and angrily. No one needs that!

In my next post in a week, I’m going to share with you some useful tips about The Inspirational Evangelical Approach

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