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When do I need to have root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is needed when the dental pulp is infected or damaged. Dental pulp is the tissue inside the tooth. If it is infected you may feel pain when you chew or some reaction to hot and cold food and drinks, there might be some swelling or discolouring of the tooth, the tooth may suddenly break or become loose. Generally the decay may cause pulp infection, for example, if you don’t treat caries for a long time, the decay goes deeper and deeper into the tooth and reaches the pulp. Other but less common reasons include tooth grinding, gum disease and injury of the bone.

Is root canal treatment painful?

No, it is not painful nowadays. Local anaesthetic and professional dentist will help you to have your root canals treated without any pain and discomfort. The whole procedure takes about an hour. In some difficult cases the dentist will put a terminal filling and continue the treatment at your next appointment.

Why do I need root canal treatment?

A good dentist always tries to keep the tooth , and root canal treatment is the last possible treatment to do so. If root canals are untreated it may cause pain, swelling, abscess and finally you may lose the tooth. Also the infection may spread to other parts of your body.

What happens after the root canal treatment?

After the root canal treatment you may feel some discomfort for some time. The dentist may prescribe you painkillers. Also there could be some swelling and sensitivity round the treated tooth. Normally people are able to go to work the next day after the treatment. And of course you shouldn’t forget to brush and floss your teeth regularly and visit a dentist at least twice a year.

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Book your root canal therepy or add it to your dental treatment plan

Book an appointment with a dentist for your teeth bleaching procedure. Once you visit a dental clinic in Ukraine you may wish to combine root canal therepy with other dental procedures. On the basis of information you provide our dentist estimates the volume of the expected dental work and its cost. If you desire to have more dental procedures during your visit you may send your medical data and panoramic X-ray (ortopantagramma) x-ray sample is helpful for the doctor.

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