Breast Augmentation

Affordable breast enlargement in Ukraine

What it will do

The goal of breast augmentation surgery is to enlarge the breasts in order to have further fullness, with more “lift” via a cosmetic surgical procedure.

Breast enhancing surgery can correct slight drooping, which may occur, particularly post preg­nancy. However, to check whether this specific breast enhancement operation may be the correct procedure for obtaining your goals, the best guideline is to check whether the nipples are below the line of the breast crease. If this is the case it would consequently be recommended a Breast Lift.

What it will not do

This operation will not change an unsatisfactory breast shape. Some women have breasts that are droopier, more pointed, or more tubular than others. Minor variations may not be worthwhile trying to alter because it might not be possible to perfect a slight variation in the breast shape. However, misshapen breasts can be improved with surgery consisting of incision and suturing to hold the new shape. This can be completed at the same time as a breast enlargement. Breast enlargement alone purely alters the size making the breasts larger, rounder, and fuller.

Technical terminology
Breast augmentation procedure is technically known as an augmentation mammoplasty.

Do I a suitable candidate for breast augmentation?

Breast enlargement will help to simply get rid of being unsatisfied with a size of natural breasts – small or flabby breast and restore the breasts after pregnancy, breastfeeding or a mastectomy. Many women feel having attractive breasts will achieve their vision of looking and feeling more feminine.

How long does the operation last?

Breast enlargement surgery normally lasts between 1,5-3 hours under general anaesthesia.

What are different types of breast augmentation procedures?

There are several ways of inserting implants and the surgeon will choose the most suitable for each patient individually. An incision can be made in the armpit, around the nipple or under the breast. In very rare cases an incision is done through the navel, but it is a more complicated procedure and thus the least popular one.

Breast Augmentation - Overseas Medical in Ukraine

The size of the incision depends on the type of implant – it is shorter for saline implants and longer for silicone implants. Implants can be positioned either between the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle, or behind the muscle.

Breast Augmentation (how it works) - Overseas Medical in Ukraine

What happens after breast augmentation?
For 2-3 days patients stay in the clinic. Generally, patients return to work after a few days post surgery. During the immediate few days post breast augmentation surgery, patients are advised to take pain management medication due to feeling discomfort from the swelling and bruising on the operated area. This is perfectly normal. Physical exercise should be avoided for 2-3 weeks. A post surgical bra, and avoidance of intimate contact are suggested. This is not recommended until total healing has taken place.

Pain relief

After the operation, patients may experience discomfort in the form of breasts aching for the first day. This will continue if patients do not wear the recommended bra for the first 2 weeks post surgery.

A few patients may develop an intense burning sensation in the nipple, which is due to bruising of the nipple nerves. This may require pain management medication for a day or so, and may persist for up to 2 weeks.

What are the complications after breast augmentation?
Amongst the possible complications post breast augmentation surgery are bleeding, bruising, numbness, swelling and a small risk of infection. If patients witness any sign of infection or a sudden increase in pain, they are recommended to contact their surgeon immediately.

The healing process

The surgery makes patients own breast tissue swell, so the newly enhanced breasts will often seem too big initially. Some of this swelling will decrease by 2 weeks, with the remainder by 6 weeks.


The surgical incision is small – approximately 2 inches long. Tape strips are placed over the stitches to support the incision and to refrain sutures from sticking to the bandage. Additionally, a piece of gauze will be placed over the tape strips.

Patients should purchase two inexpensive front-fastening bras, with­out underwire or padding in their new cup size and one back size larger than normally worn. The entire chest cavity will be slightly swollen and a too tight bra will be uncomfortable. The bra is worn day and night for 2 weeks, except for bathing, thus the requirement for 2 bras. Some surgeons wrap the whole chest in elastic bandages. This is not incorrect, however we feel it is unnecessary, and uncomfortable!

Taking care of the wound

Patients are able to bathe, but the bandage/bra must be kept dry for the first week. Even not wearing a bra to bathe in during that first week could make the breasts ache. After a week the breasts are healed enough for bathing and showering without the bra, as long as it is worn again afterwards.


The surgeon may utilise outside sutures or pull out stitches, or both. The outside  ‘regular’ stitches are visible on top of the skin. A ‘pull out’stitch lies under the skin, with a piece show­ing at either end of the incision. ‘Pull out’sutures are less irritating to your skin, so they can remain in for up to 2 weeks. However, they are less precise.


Dependent on whether your incision was in the breast crease, around the nipple, or in the armpit, there will be a ½ – 2 inch scar apparent in one of these locations.

The scar will be pink and firm for the first 6 weeks. Afterwards, it may not change, or it may widen slightly over the next 6 months. It will also begin to fade around this time. If the scar widens, which is common (particularly in the breast crease), it will not narrow. However, it will fade in time.

  • If you do not wish for others to notice a sudden change in breast size, we advise wearing loose fitting clothing for a few weeks pre and a month post surgery.
  • Before the operation, buy two front-fastening bras, one back size larger than usual and in the newly acquired cup size, and with no un­derwire. Once the bandages are removed, the bra should be worn day and night for 2 weeks.
  • Surgery will decrease the natural oil production of the breast skin and could make it feel dry. We suggest gently applying body moisturizer into the breast skin (away from the stitches) twice a day, for 2 weeks after surgery.

Exercise for capsule scars

An issue post breast augmentation surgery is the shrinkage of the thin layer of scar tissue around the inserted breast implant. All scar tissue tends to shrink as it can contract, like muscle. The result is that the shrinking scar (known as a “capsule”) makes the space for the new implant too small – hence breasts could feel firm, even hard. New scars tend to lose its “shrinkability” after approximately 6 months. Thus, for 6 months after surgery, exercising the chest muscles assists in keeping new breasts soft, by keeping the scar stretched. Swimming, using a rowing ma­chine, and/or lifting light arm weights 2-3 times a week will all aid in preventing shrinkage. Jogging, aerobics and dance will not, as the chest muscles need to be stretched against resistance.

Back to work

Although possible, if clients return to work in 5-7 days post surgery, they may feel groggy and tired from the effects of the sedation during surgery. We generally advise returning to work between 10-14 days after the operation.

Back to socialising

We recommend a wait of 2 weeks prior to energetic partying. The breasts could still be too tender for heavy physical exertion for a further 2 weeks.

Back to intimacy

The breasts could be too sensitive for sexual activity for at least 2-3 weeks. We suggest proceeding at caution after 2 weeks, thereafter to decide on an individual basis according to tenderness.

How long will the results of breast augmentation surgery last?
There will be long lasting results of breast augmentation, if conducted by a professional surgeon. However, patients should regularly check their implants for leakage – particularly in the case of silicone. We recommend visiting your doctor 3 years after the breast augmentation, and thereafter every 2 years. Breast shape may also change due to weight loss/gain, pregnancy and aging. Therefore, there is always a possibility that a further operation may be required in the future.

What is the price of breast augmentation?
The average price of breast augmentation operation is circa £3000 – varying according to the type of implants, inclusion areas and anaesthetic.

The total cost of breast procedures will be obtained in the fully comprehensive quote offered to clients, post their on-line consultation with the plastic surgeon.

Results of surgery for breast enlargement

  • You will get a shape of breast augmentation best for you – the one you have dreamed of
  • You may become an object of titculture
  • You will get feminine confidence in yourself.

Surgical Breast Enlargement – Before and After

How It Works

For many years, breast enlargement surgery has been the most popular cosmetic operation performed.

Here are 10 simple steps to cost-effective breast augmentation surgery in Ukraine:

What Other Patients Say

  • Housewife, 30: “My husband was opposed to this. He said he liked me the way 1 was, but I wanted it. I’m thrilled. I feel that I look like a woman for the first time. I had nothing to start with.”
  • Lawyer, 38: “I had sedation and I kept right on working but from my home, after the breast enlargement surgery. At work, you can’t tell I had it done — I wear blouses and jackets all day. But you sure can tell in a cocktail dress. I think it’s great.”
  • Social worker, 35: “I had post-surgical bleeding from blood- thinning medication. 1 was scared out of my mind when I had to go back to the operating room the day I bled. It was like I thought I was crazy to ever have done this, but I really wasn’t. I had thought about it a lot. I’m really pleased to look so good. I have capsules on both sides but I hate exercise so I had expected to get them.”
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