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What is a dental crown?

Crown is a prosthesis designed for the restoration of the upper part of the tooth. Providing high-quality manufacturing only a specialist can distinguish the artificial tooth from the natural one. Modern technologies allow making crowns that almost completely resemble their natural counterparts.

When do people install crowns for teeth?

In most cases, people have dental crown procedure in the following cases:

  • tooth damage due to trauma
  • darkening of the tooth
  • the need to protect the root fillings
  • the weakening of the tooth because of too big seal
  • the need to fix a bridge or denture
  • improving the tooth aesthetic appearance.

In addition to these cases, dental crowns are also installed during implantation. In this type of prosthesis crowns use implant as a support. The cost of such crowns is therefore somewhat higher than of the ordinary crowns.

What are dental crown types?

Previously the crowns were made entirely of metal. Nowadays, we still can see gold crowns or silver crown teeth in the mouth of some elder people. However, since the metal in this case is absolutely unsightly material, it was replaced by more sophisticated alloys, which also made it possible to acquire new “teeth” that are not distinguishable from natural ones, and even more beautiful than the previous ones!

Metal ceramic crowns (cermet crowns)

Metal ceramic is a very common material for dental prosthetics. During manufacturing of cermet dental crowns metal frames are used made of cobalt-chrome-molybdenum alloy (Heraenium P), an alloy based on titanium (REMATITAN), special alloy (gold-platinum).

Cast frame of such crowns is coated with ceramics. The metal base and dental porcelain top coating give crowns the characteristics, of which dentistry could only dream of at the times of our grandmothers’ youth. Naturally, it is impossible to gnaw nails and uncork bottles with metal-ceramic crowns. However, only those people who want to part with teeth as soon as possible use them for these purposes.

Metal-free crowns

Porcelain crowns with zirconium dioxide frame allow to approximate the appearance of the tooth to the natural. In the absence of not passing light metal frame, these crowns perfectly mimic natural “translucency” of the tooth. This technology is mainly used when you need crowns on front teeth, for which the visual appeal and the natural look are very important.

Metal crowns

Metal crown is a good option for the affordable price for prosthetic of posterior teeth located in the cavity depth. These crowns can be made from different kinds of alloys (chromium-nickel, chrome-cobalt or gold-platinum), they are very strong and durable, but their cosmetic characteristics, of course, leave much to be desired. Although due to certain conditions (durability and relatively low prices) solid metal crowns are set often enough today.

How are dental crowns installed?

In our partner clinics you may get answers to all the questions about crowns and their types. During consultation, which is absolutely free, a professional dentist-orthopedist will explain you all the details of prosthetic process and offer best dental crowns individually for you.

How much is tooth surface need to be ground? It depends on the type of prosthesis. Tooth size is reduced most of all to install metal-ceramic crown. If necessary, this process takes place with the use of local anesthesia.

After the tooth is ground and (if necessary) treated, moulds of jaws are made, which are then sent to the dental laboratory. Typically, the installation of the crown  requires two visits.

It is also possible to install a temporary dental crown during the time before the permanent  crown is ready. As you may have noticed, all tooth crown cost is different, because different materials are used for their manufacture. Naturally, cost of a temporary crown is the lowest.

What is tooth crown price?

Metal ceramic dental crowns price (with NiCr shoulder) from £117

The most popular option due to the optimal price-quality. They have excellent strength, but inferior in appearance all-ceramic. They consist of a metal frame covered with a ceramic layer.

Ceramic crowns price for one tooth denture form £135

Differ perfect aesthetics – porcelain shade you can pick up just below the teeth color. In addition, this material has a light transparency as in natural enamel. Less – they are less strong compared with metal caps. It is the most expensive type of crown.

Metal free crown with Zirconium oxide from £122

Zirconium oxide as strong as metal, and the same aesthetic as ceramics. Therefore, zirconium crowns – versatile option for both sides and for the front teeth.

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