Female Cosmetic Gynaecology Surgery

Genital reconstructive procedures

  • Female genital rejuvenation
  • Cosmetic gynaecology
  • G-spot amplification
  • Clitoral hood reduction
  • Reconstructive genital surgery

There are several female genital reconstruction procedures that are related to genital surgery:


Hymenoplasty surgery is often carried out for cultural or religious reasons, as in many countries it is assumed that the virginal status of a woman is only be proved by the possession of an intact hymen. Naturally, the hymenoplasty operation does not replace lost virginity, but it does repair the hymen. Read more


The labiaplasty operation takes approximately 1-2 hours, and in most cases you may go home several hours after the surgery. There are two possible ways of performing this procedure. The first method is to sculpt the edges of the inner labia to create the desired shape. The second method is to sculpt a “V” shape in the tissue and then suture the edges. In this method the front of the labia remains untouched and there are less signs of surgery having been conducted. Find out more


The vaginoplasty operation takes approximately 1-2 hours and in most cases you may go home several hours after the surgery. The procedure consists of joining the vagina muscles at the back of the vagina, removing any surplus tissue and then tightening the remaining tissue in order to make the vagina shorter, thus giving a woman the vagina she had prior to childbirth. More info is here


Female genital surgery

Plastic surgery on female genitalia consists of a series of operations within the intimate organs, which are conducted in order to improve their appearance, or regain sensitivity. Female genital reconstructive surgery corrects congenital or acquired defects of the genitals.

Prices for female rejuvenation surgery 

Plastic surgery for vagainaEURGBR
Surgical deflowering€ 57£ 52
Suturing the hymen of a two-layer method€ 1114£ 998
Hymen restoration€ 464£ 419
Express restoration of hymen€ 340£ 308
Resection of a genital lip (extended)€ 292£ 322
Resection of a genital lip€ 245£ 222
Reduction of hypertrophied clitoris€ 492£ 446
Local skin plastic in the clitoral area, perineum lifting€ 917£ 831
Removing warts 1 zone€ 150£ 136
Front side colporrhaphy (treatment of enuresis by surgical method)€ 978£ 886
Back side colporrhaphy€ 757£ 686
Colporrhaphy (Extended)€ 1056£ 957
Ligature vagina tightening€ 644£ 583

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