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What is dental bridge?

Dental bridge is the type of dentures which helps to restore a dentition when one or more teeth are missing.

In this case, dental bridge uses remaining teeth on both sides of damaged dentition as the support.

What materials are used for tooth bridge?

Nowadays, cermet (metal-ceramic), metal and plastic, metal alloys, and zirconium oxide can be used as a basis of teeth bridges. Dental crowns made of zirconium oxide, of cermet, of metal and plastic – all have excellent esthetic characteristics. Prosthetics, made by an experienced specialist with the use of modern equipment, returns patients their beautiful smiles.

Today, modern prostheses quality is so high that if you are not an expert then you would not be able to distinguish the prosthetic tooth that is made of zirconium oxide, cermet or metal and plastic from the real one even on the photo made in a very high-resolution.

Prostheses made of zirconium oxide are considered to be the most durable. But they are usually quite expensive.

Cermet crowns are a good alternative to zirconium oxide crowns, since they have a reasonable price and in spite of the declared useful life of 5 years may actually “stand for” 10, 15 or even 20 years.

Metal and plastic is used in prosthetics infrequently, since the service life of this material is small. Metal crowns are strong and durable, but not quite aesthetic so, they are used almost exclusively for dental prosthetics, which are not visible in a smile.

What happens during dental bridge procedure?

Tooth bridge installation is made by a dentist-orthodontist. At the preliminary stage, the dentist treats teeth, prepares abutment teeth or makes implants, which will perform a supporting role. Dentist grinds the surface of the abutments to put the crown on them later. The dentist makes jaw cast which is used by dental technician to fully recreate the shape of the teeth crowns. The dentist also selects the crown colour: it should be the same as the colour of the “native” teeth. A plaster model of the future permanent tooth bridge is made with the help of the cast.

Until the permanent bridge is not fixed, the dentist sets a temporary tooth bridge made of plastic. Such a prosthesis is not supposed to function as natural teeth for a long time, but is indistinguishable from other teeth and plays orthodontic and aesthetic role for a few days or even weeks.

Dental bridge removal – is it possible?

Sometimes you may need to remove a dental bridge. In this case, you may also come to Kiev to the dentist-orthodontist, who will carefully remove the bridge without damaging the supporting teeth.

If the bridge “came off”, you need to visit the dentist as well. Only a doctor knows how to fix a dental bridge that has served for many years, and even decades, without causing inconvenience to its owner.

If you need to have dental prosthetics, or have problems with previously installed dentures, we look forward to see you in Ukraine at our professional – partner clinic.

What is the cost of dental bridge?

Dental bridge cost depends on the number of factors such as dental bridge material and the whole job difficulty (number of missing teeth, preparation of teeth and so on). Cost ranges from £25 to £150.

To estimate your cost for dental bridge you may request the quote by sending the X-ray and filling in the form below.

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