Cosmetic surgery Vaginoplasty from £170

Cheap surgical reconstruction of the vagina in Ukraine

Vaginal repair is carried out for various purposes:


  • Narrowing (sometimes expansion) of the vagina.
  • Elimination of torn, misshapen and other injuries of female genitalia, including mutilation.
  • Elimination of vagina congenital defects.
  • Restoration of reduced tissue elasticity.
  • Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

What is Vaginoplasty surgery?

Vaginal repair (vaginoplasty) is a group of surgical operations aimed at eliminating the damage and stretched front and rear vaginal walls, by increasing muscle tone and restoring the natural vaginal anatomical structure.

Causes of sexual problems and indications for vaginoplasty

Disruption of the normal vaginal structure and function tends to occur due to one or more of the following factors:

  • Difficult or multiple childbirths, with tears in tissue and muscles of the vaginal walls – by far the most common reason for vaginal surgery.
  • Mechanical and other injuries of the genitals.
  • Past illnesses.
  • Age related changes due to loss of elasticity and the tone of tissues.
  • Hormonal fluctuations.
  • Inherent characteristics and developmental abnormalities.
  • Excess physical activity associated with weight lifting and carrying heavy loads.

In general, this surgery is designed to eliminate sexual, aesthetic and health concerns of women. Dependent on the type of operation, it is also called colporrhaphy (front and rear) – a surgical procedure that repairs defects in the wall of the vagina.

Indications for vaginoplasty:

  • Congenital (or acquired) vagina changes and external genitalia issues such as un-shapely labia majora, and the laxity of the vaginal mucosa disorders (dryness caused by natural aging, hormonal disorders, or sudden weight loss).
  • Expansion of the vagina due to a vaginal wall prolapse (organ collapsing).
  • Inflammatory issues (often associated with the deformation of the female reproductive organs).
  • Decreased libido.
  • Vaginal dryness and pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Damage to the vagina and perineum.
  • Lack of stimulation of erogenous zones and the inability to have an orgasm (usually due to trauma).
  • Urinary incontinence (involuntary urination).


  • Acute or chronic diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Inflammatory issues in the genital area.
  • Disruption of normal blood clotting.
  • Diabetes.
  • Tendency to keloids forming.
  • Diseases ie. sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Mental disorders.

Vaginal plastic surgery is performed only after a series of comprehensive checks:

  • Gynaecological examination.
  • Complex medical examination (general analysis of blood, urine, ECG, chest X-ray, glucose tolerant test, coagulation).
  • Consultation with the anaesthetist.

Types of surgery:

  • Colporrhaphy is plastic surgery on the walls of the vagina, which proposes narrowing of the vaginal opening due to the removal of excess tissue, which is then sutured. Dependent upon the construction of the wall, colporrhaphy is divided into a front and rear type. Issues with the front wall of the vagina are much more rare.

It is more frequent that women undergo colporrhaphy on the rear vaginal wall, combining a surgical correction of the situation with the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. During the operation, the surgeon removes a longitudinal section of the vaginal lower wall operating a particular contour method, which leads to its narrowing. A cosmetic seam is superimposed on the mucosa using dissolvable threads.

  • The narrowing of the vaginal opening consists of the surgeon removing a much smaller portion of tissue than the colporrhaphy. It affects only the vagina, with the aim to reduce the circumference. The operation significantly improves the quality of sexual activity for women. The operation is performed solely on aesthetic indications, and if the patient possesses no prolapse of the vaginal walls.
  • Restoring patency (colpopoiesis) is carried out in order to correct a congenital absence of the vagina (aplasia) or eliminate a significant amount of scar tissue resulting from a difficult birth or injury. As a result, the diameter of the vagina is significantly reduced. In cases of aplasia, a vagina is formed from bowel tissue, alternatively by transplanting small grafts of skin from the mucous membrane of the labia.
  • Correction of ptosis/vaginal loss is carried out by narrowing the vagina with the excision of a small area of the mucous membranes and the use of special nets (implants) being fixed to the vaginal wall. After a certain period, the aforementioned ‘net’ becomes overgrown with fibrous tissue and achieves long lasting results.

How is the surgery carried out?

Vaginoplasty operations are all performed under a general anaesthetic. The rehabilitation period is usually 2-3 weeks, however you would only spend 1 night in the clinic. The final cost of a vaginoplasty procedure is calculated dependent upon the volume of planned surgery, the required number of inspections and the chosen method. Traditionally, surgical procedures provide good results, but there are some risks and side effects associated with this; surgery on the sensitive tissues of the vagina is uncertain and may lead to nerve damage, scarring and a possible decrease in sensitivity. Moreover, the rehabilitation period after the surgery is relatively lengthy. Although we feel obligated to point out the aforementioned risks, one must weigh up whether the benefits of the surgery outweigh the failures that nature and/or trauma have unkindly dealt you, particularly without the weighty costs of undergoing the procedure in the UK.

Results of vaginoplasty

Intimate plastic surgery helps women to regain their genitals’ natural look by manipulating the appearance, increasing functionality, increasing the quality of sexual pleasure and overall boosting confidence.

The recovery period

Within the first two weeks post surgery, the patient is advised not to adopt a seated position. For a full recovery, it is required that patients limit any exercise and weight lifting. In addition, enhanced hygiene regimes are highly recommended. Throughout the rehabilitation period, women should not have baths or visit saunas.

Full rehabilitation after vaginal plastic takes at least two months. The first 2-3 days require the strict following of a liquid diet only, to prevent possible infection during defecation. Throughout the following month, patients will also need to comply with dietary restrictions to avoid constipation.

Intimate contact is prohibited for 1-2 months, and sexual excitement should be avoided during the first 4 weeks. This causes increased blood flow to the genitals, which can exacerbate post-operative swelling and aggravate the superimposed seams.

How It Works

Step 1. Consultation and quotation

  • Send us your request with a description of your desired correction.
  • Skype contact details are required for your doctor to complete an on-line consultation.
  • Consultation with your doctor. The doctor will contact you and schedule a mutually convenient on-line consultation. This is free of charge.
    After a consultation you will receive a consultation report with a quotation.
  • Your quotation will include: various anaesthetic options, overnight stay arrangements in the clinic, consultations with other doctors (physician and anaesthetist), number of nights in the clinic recommended for your procedure, preferred type of ward (single or double), compression underwear advice and medication to take home.

Step 2. Lab tests and scans

  • Upon making a decision, your doctor will provide you with an exact list of medical tests/scans required, assuming you do not have any contraindications.
  • The tests could be conducted in your home country, however, due to the low medical costs in Ukraine, it is worth considering a short weekend visit to Ukraine so we can complete all necessary tests and consultations on Saturday – Sunday.
  • A standard package of 10 medical tests, 5 scans and a doctor’s consultation costs approximately £130 in Ukraine.
  • During the visit, it may be an idea to further enhance your treatment by combining it with Dental treatmentBotoxor Hair and Nails due to them costing 60-70% less than in the UK.

Step 3. Reserving a date of treatment

  • When the doctor is entirely satisfied with your medical test results, you will be contacted to make a convenient appointment for your chosen medical procedure to be conducted.
  • At this stage, it is a requirement that you transfer 50% of pre-payment for your treatment directly to the clinic’s bank account.
  • The clinic will then be able to reserve a date for your operation, and you will receive pre-operative instructions.

Step 4. Air-tickets, hotel booking

  • We suggest that you personally proceed with your travel arrangements. It is more cost effective to book flights direct than through a travel agent.
  • We recommend that you consider the hotels/apartments within the vicinity of the clinic and central Kiev.

For further guidance, visit our web page Organising your trip.

Day 0. Arrival in Ukraine

  • There are a great number of overseas flights that arrive into Borispol airport, Kiev in the second half of the day.
  • It is likely that you will land in Kiev around early evening, in time for dinner or an evening walk.
  • A representative from Overseas Medical Ukraine will collect you from the airport and take you straight to your apartment/hotel. We recommend that you are refrain from eating and drinking from 11pm.

Day 1. Appointment and operation

  • We advise you to check out from your hotel/apartment, as vaginoplasty procedures require an overnight stay in the clinic.
  • Our driver will collect you at 9am from your hotel/apartment and bring you to the clinic. A completely empty stomach that morning is vital.
  • You will undergo a consultation with your physician and anaesthetist.
  • There will also be time allocated for completing paperwork formalities.
  • The morning will consist of a nurse aiding you in all aspects of activities, which will include administering your medication.
  • As you will be staying in the clinic for 1 or perhaps 2 nights, we will provide you with all meals.

Day 2: Post-operative Visit and Recovery

  • The following morning, a nurse will again be present to assist with your morning activities and administer your medication.
  • An Overseas Medical co-ordinator will return you to your hotel/apartment.

Days 3-12: Recovery and Post-op therapy

  • For the following 2 weeks, it is strongly suggested that the patient does not adopt a seated position. For a full recovery you are required to minimize any exercise or weight lifting.
  • During your stay, a nurse will visit you during each day.
  • In addition, your co-ordinator from Overseas Medical will check on you during the day to ensure that everything is all right.
  • We recommend that you arrive in Ukraine with entertainment in the form of movies and books to occupy yourself during this period. We will supply you with copies of local newspapers in English. We will also help you to organise a supply of meals that have been recommended by the doctor.

Day 13: Recovery and Post-op therapy

  • Usually on this day, the inflammation starts to subside.
  • You will have a final check-up appointment with your doctor prior to departure. Your doctor will suggest various recommendations for the immediate future, and answer any questions you may have.
  • We shall also provide you with some post-operative medication to take home. This usually amounts to approximately £30 – £45.

Day 14. Departure home

  • Many international flights depart in the morning.
  • Your patient co-ordinator will collect you from your hotel/apartment up to 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure time, and take you to Borispol airport in Kiev.

Aftercare and Post-op therapy

  • If you require a follow-up consultation with the doctor, we will arrange this on-line.
  • On day 7 post your operation, your sutures will need to be removed. Sometimes these are removed on day 8-10. Your local home clinic will be able to provide this service.
  • An alternative option is to visit Kiev on a weekend break for your post-operative procedures (if required or desired). We would be delighted to see you once again and you may wish to combine this visit with some further enhancing procedures such as Hair and Nails or Dentistry, which we are able to organise for you.

Prices for Vaginoplasty procedure  

Cost of vaginoplasty surgery EUR GBP
Wart removal – 1 zone 130 112
Front wall colporrhaphy (treatment of enuresis by surgical method) 844 725
Back wall colporrhaphy 653 561
Colporrhaphy (Extended) 910 782
Tightening the perineum in pubic area 792 680
Removal of old perineal tears 663 570
Local skin surgery in clitoral area 306 263
Ligature vagina tightening 555 477

When budgeting the total cost of vaginal repair surgery, you should take into account the following related expenses:

  • Therapist’s consultation.
  • Lab tests and checks.
  • Anesthesia.
  • Clilic fees.
  • Medication for a post-operative period.
  • Accommodation and meals for extended stays.

Please visit Price page for more information regarding costs.

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