Top Cosmetic and Surgery Treatment for Women

We selected the most popular procedures among women

Why Women Do This? There must have been quite a difference if they use plastic surgery as a crutch – being under unreasonable expectations – and using it to help you through your life transformation. Most women have plastic surgery when their lives are changing either for worse or for better: at times when they marry, having a baby birth, divorce,  deaths, or after a child is grown and gone. Other popular “plastic surgery times” are when you change or lose a job, graduate from college or high school, or have a birthday – especially one that marks the life decade!

You know there has to be a “you” that you haven’t been before. Plastic surgery has a great power as a psychological aid to being that new you, to start fresh. It’s never too late.

Plastic surgery procedures for the women’s body

Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women’s Face

Non-Invasive Treatments for Women

Dentistry for Women

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Why did they make their choice in our favour?


“I was 30, slim, the mother of one child, and a devotee of body building when I came to see a surgeon in Ukraine for a mini-tuck. My complaint was that my “line” in my leotard held my back from success in body building competition. The bulge was from weak muscles, damaged from a Cesarean section and I wanted it surgically corrected…”

Jessica, 23

“At the beginning was hesitating to come to Ukraine. It was new and strange country for me. But the surgeon seemed to be very confident. A friend of mine went to Kiev for dental crowns’ instalment and was amazed by quality of work and the country itself. She advised me Overseas Medical. So, I made by decision and went to Ukraine. I lost 30 pounds…”

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