Top Cosmetic and Surgery Treatment for Women

We selected the most popular procedures among women

Why Women Do This? There must have been quite a difference if they use plastic surgery as a crutch – being under unreasonable expectations – and using it to help you through your life transformation. Most women have plastic surgery when their lives are changing either for worse or for better: at times when they marry, having a baby birth, divorce,  deaths, or after a child is grown and gone. Other popular “plastic surgery times” are when you change or lose a job, graduate from college or high school, or have a birthday – especially one that marks the life decade!

You know there has to be a “you” that you haven’t been before. Plastic surgery has a great power as a psychological aid to being that new you, to start fresh. It’s never too late.

Plastic surgery procedures for the women’s body

  • Photo liposuction weight loss - Overseas Medical Ukraine


    This procedure permanently removes fat deposits by sucking them out, making women’s body proportions permanently better. Cost  £339 per area.

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  • Abdominoplasty procedure is from £1135 in Kiev, Ukraine photo


    It removes excess skin and excess fat from your abdominal area, and tightens abdom­inal muscles. If you have lost a lot of weight and have a fold of excess skin in lower abdomen cutting off the excess skin with “Mini Tuck’’ may be enough. Cost form £1135.

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  • photo Reduce breast size over a weekend in Ukraine

    Breast reduction

    Aims to give you smaller, more at­ tractive breasts and relieve you of the backache, shoulder ache, and breast crease irritation that large breasts cause.  Cost is £828 – £1400. 

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  • Breast enlargement implants in Ukraine. Affordable augmentation surgery abroad.

    Breast enlargement

    The goal of cosmetic breast enlargement is to give you fuller breasts, with a bit more “lift.” The surgery can correct slight drooping -for example, the kind that’s likely to occur after pregnancy. Cost is £1,000.

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  • Photo cheap labiaplasty in Ukraine -


    Large labia minora reduction and labia enhancement. Cost from £222.

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  • picture virginity restoration surgery -


    Shirt term and long term virginity reconstruction. Express hymenoplasty cost form £308.

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Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women’s Face

  • Photo of the cheap rhinoplasty procedure (nose job) - Overseas Medical Ukraine

    Nose job

    A rhinoplasty will give you a smaller, narrower, more graceful nose and correct obvious problems like a hump. If your nose is crooked, the surgeon may or may not be able to straighten it, depending on what caused the crookedness. One nose area  from£457.

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  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) picture - Overseas Medical Ukraine

    Lower Eyelid Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery of your lower lids should smooth out bulges, take away bags from under your eyes, and make the skin snugger. Cost £2000 – £3000.

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  • Plastic surgery face in Ukraine photo - Overseas Medical

    Face lift

    Lifting of the eyebrows, lips, nasolabial fold face-neck lift with SMAS flap. Full face lift. Cost from £999.

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  • Ear reconstruction surgery cost - Overseas Medical Ukraine


    earFold (otoplasty) – a minimally invasive treatment of prominent ears so that they will lie flat against your head. One ear £219.

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Non-Invasive Treatments for Women

  • Hair transplant and hair loss therapy

    Permanent hair plantation of long hair with the latest hair transplant technology. Only in Ukraine!  Cost of one graft £0,9 – £01,3.

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  • Cheap biorevitalization in Kiev - Overseas Medical Ukraine


    Making a face younger with beauty injections by improving skin elasticity of face, neck and décolleté, “removing” small and medium-deep mimic wrinkles. From £117.

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  • Collagen injections picture - Overseas Medical Ukraine

    BOTOX® Cosmetic injections

    Botox can smooth out the skin around the eyes and mouth, forehead and nose, as well as adjust the shape of the eyebrows and the corners of the lips. In addition, Botox injections  can get rid of sweating of the feet, hands and armpits. £175 to £300 per area.

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  • Picture of laser hair removal in Ukraine - Overseas Medical

    Laser hair removal

    Removing hair permanently from: bikini zone and armpits, foot zone, hands, forearms and fingers. face: the linea alba, chest, stomach, neck, sacral region, breast, back, shoulders and buttocks. From £4.5 – £ 29.

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Dentistry for Women

  • Cheap price of braces for teeth in Ukraine - Overseas Medical photo

    Dental braces

    Metal, ceramic, sapphire and plastic braces. Braces cost £515 – £1255.

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  • Wedding Dental Deal

    Consultation with dentist, X-ray, Treatment plan, Hygiene treatment before teeth bleaching, Teeth cleaning AirFlow, Home tooth whitening kit or Laser teeth whitening ZOOM. £220-£332.

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  • Cheap cost on denture in Kiev, Ukraine for one weekend - Overseas Medical


    Clasp, removable and non-removable dentures. From £ 350.

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Other Women’s treatment and leisure

  • Visit Ukraine for a travel tour and make medical procedures for a low cost by one weekend - Overseas Medical Ukraine

    Hair, Nails and Eyelashes

    Hair cut, Colour Change Cheeky hands and feet Shellac CND Manicure and pedicure, waxing eyelashes etc.

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  • Women Medical tests

    Package of lab tests for cosmetic surgery £130 Full package of medical  tests “All under control for women” £120.

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  • Overseas Medical Ukraine & SPA

    Spa and Wellness

    Message, cosmetic, wellness at spare time after cosmetic surgery (if allowed by doctor).

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How It Works

7 simple steps and there you

Step 1: Ask for your Quick free quote

Send us your available reports: diagnostic and pathological.
You will get Free quote – a preliminary calculation of your treatment.

Step 2: Booking a date of your treatment.

We select a suitable clinic-partner according your needs and you get consultation with a doctor. Then we reserve a date of your treatment. You will receive your pre-operative instructions.

Step 3: Traveling to Ukraine.

Book you flight and accommodation. If visa and/or accommodation are needed, you get our support. Let us know your travel details – we pick you up at airport and arrange check-in/out.

Step 4: Treatment and recovery.

We take care of all your appointments. After the procedure we stay at your service.

Step 5: Leisure

You may desire to stay in Ukraine for leisure: Hair & Nails, sightseen, souvenirs and if possible for Spa & Wellness. We arrange it with our full support.

Step 6: Return

Overseas Medical makes sure you get fully ready for return to your country – we organize all checkouts.

Step 7: Aftercare

If you need any follow-up consultation with the doctor we arrange it.

Why did they make their choice in our favour?


“I was 30, slim, the mother of one child, and a devotee of body building when I came to see a surgeon in Ukraine for a mini-tuck. My complaint was that my “line” in my leotard held my back from success in body building competition. The bulge was from weak muscles, damaged from a Cesarean section and I wanted it surgically corrected…”

Jessica, 23

“At the beginning was hesitating to come to Ukraine. It was new and strange country for me. But the surgeon seemed to be very confident. A friend of mine went to Kiev for dental crowns’ instalment and was amazed by quality of work and the country itself. She advised me Overseas Medical. So, I made by decision and went to Ukraine. I lost 30 pounds…”

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