Jessica 23: Thrilled

At the beginning was hesitating to come to Ukraine. It was new and strange country for me. But the surgeon seemed to be very confident. A friend of mine went to Kiev for dental crowns’ instalment and was amazed by quality of work and the country itself. She advised me Overseas Medical. So, I made by decision and went to Ukraine. I lost 30 pounds. Fortunately I had not damaged my skin elasticity as I’m at my twenties, but I knew I would never be thin, and my buttocks, hips, thighs, and abdomen all had bulges I wished were gone. I had extensive suction lipectomy—on every bulging area. Most of the suctioning was on my hips and the least was done on my inner thighs (an area that can be oversuctioned because the doctor said the fat is so delicate here). I had 2000 milliliters of fat suctioned out of my body and had a blood transfusion (of my own blood). I spent a night in the clinic. So I managed the suction over weekend. But after coming back to UK I was bruised from my waist down for several weeks, and I was out of work for 10 days, but it was worth that – I was thrilled with the result. In profile and in front view I had lost the fat deposits that had made my body a bit bulgy. Anyway, I’m so glad I achieved what I wanted. I kept my weight off and preserve her new profile(s).Testimonial Jessica 23 - Overseas Medical in Ukraine

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