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adonis_6Every woman dreams about how she will become a mother, and these dreams are understandable from the point of view of the physiological processes taking place in the female body.

One of the strongest instincts is the instinct of reproducing oneself – the mother, whose satisfaction is the main task of obstetrics.


The birth of a child is a natural process that completes the pregnancy.

Nature provides a biomechanism for the birth of a child through the birth canal of the mother. This process is the most natural. The task of obstetrician-gynecologists of ADONIS Medical Group is to ensure that the process of delivery occurs naturally and with the greatest comfort for the woman herself. For this we use various adaptations in the delivery rooms, we provide psychological support to a married couple, there is the possibility of choosing any posture that is most convenient for a woman (childbirth on the stool, delivery, squatting, etc.).

Childbirth in ADONIS is not a painful process, but a real miracle of the birth of your baby.


The first periodThe first period of labor is characterized by the appearance of regular cramping pains in the lower abdomen and back, which lead to structural changes in the cervix ñ shortening and opening. The length of the first period of labor in primiparas is about 12 hours, in re-birth-8 hours. Throughout the first period of the birth-period of the disclosure, the intensity of labor activity increases, which is manifested by a shortening of the interval between each fight and the lengthening of the fight time.
Second periodThe second period of labor begins when the cervix is fully opened and is divided into the passive and active phases. During the passive phase of the second stage of labor, the present fetal part moves along the birth canal, reaching the pelvic floor. At this moment, the woman in labor has a desire to push. The length of the second period of labor is from 15 minutes to 2 hours. The second period of childbirth ends with the birth of a child. During the whole of the clan act, at the woman’s request, a partner can always stay with her. After birth, the baby, which does not require any additional help, is laid out on the mother’s breast, where it is for 2 hours. During this time, the mother becomes infected with her mother’s flora, eye-to-eye contact is performed and the baby is first applied to the breast, which is a preventive measure of purulent-septic complications, jaundice in a newborn, hypogalactia and postpartum hemorrhages in the mother.
The third periodThe third period of childbirth begins with the birth of a child and ends with the birth of the afterbirth (the birth of the placenta).
Throughout the process of labor with the child in labor, professionals in obstetrics are found who produce all the manipulations and examinations necessary for careful delivery and the comfortable flow of your birth. After 2 hours after birth, the child is repeatedly examined by the doctor neonatologist, the midwife spends the first toilet of the baby, weighs and measures it. Later on, the mother and her child are on a joint stay in a comfortable postpartum ward, where they are followed by constant care and provided with the necessary assistance. An extract from the hospital is made on the 3rd day (48 hours) after delivery.