You Need to Know the Facts on Plastic Surgery

fat_transfer-min (1)You might not want all the details. Fine — you can skip those parts of my book. But at least you’ll know they are here. And you’ll know that when your cosmetic surgeon tells you “no one ever has a problem with this operation,” what he really means is that most people are pleased with the result, not that this is risk-free surgery with guaranteed results. That is why the examples in this book reflect what really happens, including complications, side effects, and comments from patients — most of whom are pleased, but not all.

During the consultation, we make sure doctors from the clinic partners we work with show our clients – their patients surgical textbook illustrations of their operation to help them understand what will be done to their bodies. Because you are entitled to know this too, it helps to reveal more than just the end results of your operation. So to the extent that I could (without making you uncomfortable) we ask our doctor – partners to have chose illustrations that show you at least some of what a surgical textbook might.

As for the “before and after” photos on our site they were chosen to show average results. Our intention is really to give you more of an idea of why photos aren’t reliable indicators of your surgical result, rather than to demonstrate the “miracle of cosmetic surgery.” We want you to understand that “blah,” unflattering medical photographs are for your doctor’s record — and that even with a spectacular result you may not be “wowed” by a medical photo.