How I refer to a plastic surgeon “he” or “she”?

How I refer to a plastic surgeon “he” or “she”

There are a few other things I’d like you to know before you go on to Ukraine for a cosmetic procedure. Despite the overwhelming number of women who fancy cosmetic treatments yet I refer to your cosmetic surgeon, as “he.” I’ll this because our language has no pronoun that means “he-doctor or she-doctor.” “Heesh” – won’t do and he/she is tedious to read over and over again. We live in a democracy, and I think it is natural that I represent the majority of doctors in Ukraine and the majority of plastic surgeons in Ukraine, so far, are men.

Serving our overseas clients in Ukraine we are collecting their feedback. Clients share their views with us and some of them we published in our blog. So, they noticed that every good surgeon has his own way of doing things. If your surgeon tells you not to get your stitches wet, and other testimonies or friends’ advises say you can get them wet – listen to him. He knows what kind of stitches he put in you. But most surgeons don’t have the time or organization to tell you all the details. That is why, for couple of years of our medical tourism experience we have collected so fare the hundred or so things he didn’t mention and that you wanted, or perhaps needed, to know.

The prices we quote for various operations in Prices are the current range as of June 2017. Inflation is always with us. These prices may soon be out of date, but they should help you to compare the relative costs of cosmetic operations to UK or European. Likely for you the difference stays with 50-80% higher compere to Ukraine. Please don’t be surprised if your surgeon charges more than we say he “ought” to charge – or, if he uses a new drug or equipment not mentioned here, because of new discoveries. We tend to introduce our clines to advanced plastic surgeons to assure the best quality of surgery and satisfaction with result.

We do not tell you about insurance – when it might pay for your surgery. It is for the simple reason that you would pay for cosmetic surgery in advance (at least half). Insurance reimburses possibly may come to you after­wards, if at all.

Then, there’s that difficult question: Who is a “cosmetic sur­geon”? We introduce to our clients only Board Certified plastic surgeon. There are not quite 4000 of them in Ukraine. When I refer to a “good” or qualified surgeon in my postings, I am thinking of my doctor-partners in plastic surgery. However, Board Certified plastic surgeons are not the only ones who do cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is not a recognized medical specialty, and there is no medical board certification in it. Before you have a cosmetic operation, I want you to know who your cosmetic surgeon is and what his qualifications are—which we provide proven information on Clinics.

Finally, I writing my blog postings to help you. I didn’t write it to convince you that you should have your liposuction or face lift in Ukraine. There are lots of good plastic sur­geons doing cosmetic surgery, but not all of them like to share their tips as well as operate. I have many friends and family members who have had or want to have cosmetic surgery. This blog consists of what I would tell them if we had all weekend to sit down and talk.

I have been asked at times to name my “ghostwriter.” I write it as though you were sitting in my office with a list of things you wanted to know about plastic surgery and how to afford it.

If you want something glossy in three seconds that tells you “don’t worry, there’s nothing to it,” well, this blog isn’t for you. But if you want the most complete information you can get on how improve your look with plastic surgery in Ukraine for “a penny” without going to long quies and spending a fortune on operation or treatment in UK . . . this is it!