Cosmetic surgery and beauty therapy clinics – our partners in Ukraine

  • Highly quality of medical services
  • Licensed and experiences surgeons and medical staff
  • Modern and ‘hi-tech’ medical facilities
  • Infection- control technique of facilities and services.
  • Service and comfort of 4*hotel
  • Confidentiality
  • English speaking personnel

Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Therapy Clinics

Overseas Medical Ukraine is very much particular in choosing providers: surgery clinics and breathy therapy partners. We focus our section on the criteria that are set for the healthcare clinics in UK as well as based on the patients feedback.

  • Cosmetic Surgery clinic “Harmony”

    High quality of medical equipment; 9 wards with service and care of the 5 star hotel; English speaking doctors and personnel;

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  • Medical center ADONIS

    Divisions: polyclinic, diagnostic and treatment center, family health clinic (ADONIS FAMILY), ADONIS dentistry, maternity hospital

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  • Clinic of plastic surgery “Anna Cosmo”

    The main directions: Plastic surgery, Medical cosmetology, Rejuvenation of the body, Cell rejuvenation

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  • Center for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery GRACE

    Directions: Clinic of aesthetic and reconstructive rhinosurgery; Clinic of aesthetic gynecology; Facial plastic surgery; Modeling a figure;

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How we select clinics

10 things you need to know on how we select our clinic-partners with our Expert Quality Assessment (EQA). Oversees Medical Ukraine is a company that presents a network of licensed and pre-qualified clinics – they are inspected and verified by Oversees Medical experts.

We choose our medical providers with the compliance to the following criteria:

1. They treat you with kindness and courtesy.

They shall take time to listen to your problems and explain solutions developed to meet your needs proposing you applicable alternatives.

2. They provide services by using the latest medical equipment and highest quality materials.

To deliver you with care in the safest environment adhering to the latest cross-infection control requirements. Your safety shall be their primary focus.

3. Statutory compliance (including licensing)

4. Public sector educational programs for training and testing private providers

5. Passed Internal Evaluation against the ‘business excellence’ framework.

6. ISO certification

7. Self-directed quality improvement tools: Licensure, certification and accreditation.

8. How long surgeons had been practicing. Qualifications and affiliations were also considered.

9. Clarifying the relationships of the clinic and its surgical and clinical staff ensuring adequate insurance
recovery planning

10. English-speaking doctors and medical staff

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We respect the privacy of our clients. That is why we never publish pre and postoperative photographs on our website. These photographs shall be used explicitly to illustrate particular discussion topics related to your treatment.

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