The “Do-It-Before-It’s-Too-Late” Approach

face-procedures---Overseas-Medical-Ukraine_We continue reveal the sales hacks in medicine, particularly in aesthetic surgery. Here is another sales technic shared by a one of our patient.
Sharon consulted Dr. Y about a breast enlargement operation
“How old are you?” he asked her during the consultation.
“Thirty-five.” He inspected her face closely. “You want to have your facelift soon,” he told her. “You don’t want to leave it too late. Don’t want you to wake up one morning and find your face has fallen off. Can’t do much for you then.”
Sharon signed up for a facelift, as well as breast surgery, immediately. But the bill would have been so heavy. However, she moved away to Ukraine before her surgery in UK could be done. She was in a panic when she came to Oversees Medial Ukraine telling all that.
When she sent us a Request for a Quote she wrote: “Hi there, I don’t want to wait until there’s nothing you can do for me.”
When she had an on-line consultation with a surgeon from Ukraine he asked her: “Do you know when that would be?” She said: “I don’t know—a year or two?”
The surgeon was not that sceptical: “A bit later than that,” he told her. “By experience, he said, once you’re over seventy or seventy-five, it’s very hard to get a really good facelift result, at least with one operation. It usually takes a second one at that age.”
“Seventy? I won’t care how I look at seventy.” Sharon exclaimed.
The doctor calmly replied: “A lot of people care how they look at seventy. But you’re asking me how long you should wait. Roughly speaking, a first facelift is usually done somewhere between the ages of forty-five and fifty-five. It can be done sooner for some people, but you aren’t one of them.”
“Won’t a facelift keep me from aging?” – she asked.
“No. The only thing for that is the Fountain of Youth, and we haven’t found that yet. A facelift tightens what has loosened. It won’t stop aging. It won’t stop the hands of time.” Why would a cosmetic surgeon tell you, at age 35, to have a facelift you didn’t need or want and hadn’t even thought of? Possibly to stampede you into having costly surgery. It happens that unscru¬pulous cosmetic surgeons give patients false information in order to persuade them to have surgery.
Another case is also worth to mention with this regard.
Jennifer took herself to an ENT surgeon in UK for treatment of an ear infection. She didn’t have time to wait for NHS appointment and went to a private clinic. This surgeon also happened to do facial plastic surgery. He didn’t even bother to examine her ears but zoomed in on her nose. “You’d better get this fixed,” he advised her, after looking inside her nose at the septum. “I’m surprised you can still breathe. I don’t know how much longer you can leave it. Pretty bad. When I do this, I’ll refine your nose a bit too. Let’s get rid of the little bump.”

What Jennifer Wanted What Dr. X Wanted
Treat ear infection: £160 to £250
Plastic nose surgery cost:
half paid by Jennifer, half by insurance

When you are having cosmetic surgery, you must remember that authentic surgery is a strange blend of medicine and commerce. For your own good, you have to note how your cosmetic surgeon deals with it.
Jennifer sent her Request for a Free Quote to Oversees Medical Ukraine for a second opinion on her rhinoplasty surgery procedure. Ukrainian surgeon hesitated to contradict UK doctor’s opinion on the septum. He explained that the septum is often curved and irregular and a misdiagnosis of obstruction can easily be made in good faith. Alas, not this time. Jennifer had a broad nose with wide-open nasal passages. She had no allergies and no breathing problem. And the cosmetic surgeon who had told her that she did need the surgery was competent and must have known that he was lying to her about what he saw when he examined her nose. The doctor in Ukraine told her that he did not see any obstruction. Besides, even if the septum were curved, there would be no reason for her to have cosmetic surgery nose job unless she had symptoms or wanted to change her appearance.
“Are you saying that he lied to me?” she asked the surgeon in Ukraine during the consultation. He replied, “I am saying that I don’t see what this surgeon told you that he saw.” She looked dissatisfied. “My ear still hurts. Now what do I do?” He gave her the name of an ENT surgeon in a reputable clinic in Ukraine in whom he had confidence. That’s how Jennifer came to Ukraine – instead of cosmetic nose job she came for an ear infection treatment and getting teeth cleaned at dentist.
In a couple of weeks after she returned from Ukraine she called back to thank me at Overseas Medical Ukraine. Her ear was fine, and the new ENT surgeon had agreed that her septum was normal. “Why would the other guy lie to me?” she insisted. I thought the reason stood out a mile, but I didn’t like to say so. “You’ll have to ask him,” I said. She laughed. “I think we know the answer, don’t we? It’s just that you doctors will never say so. It’s money.”
How to Handle the “Before It’s Too Late!” Approach.
If something works fine for you, think twice before you believe the cosmetic surgeon who wants to fix it. And if it looks fine to you, think more than twice if the cosmetic surgeon wants to improve it.
Sometimes, of course, there are valid reasons for having surgery sooner, not later. For instance, a big-chested young woman may not be able to take part in sports during college or high school. Breast reduction surgery can change that. Having breast reduction surgery after college would be too late for her to enjoy school or college sports, even though there may be no urgent medical reason to have the surgery in her teens. Also, some people come from families that age unusually early and in a particular way, such as having the neck muscles loosen into saggy folds. A face/neck lift at the age of 55 would come too late for such people to enjoy the results of cosmetic surgery in their forties. Thus, timing is important, but it should be determined with your best interests in mind.

In my next post in a week, I’m going to share with you some useful tips about The Sexual Seduction Approach

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