Female secretary, 35

Testimonial Female secretary, 35 - Overseas Medical Ukraine”I used to sit all day and every fat cell sank down. It made a world of difference to how I feel about myself. I didn’t cringe in front of the mirror anymore. I had extensive suction lipectomy – on every bulging area. Most of the suc­tioning was on my hips and the least was done on my inner thighs (my doctor said that it is an area that can be oversuctioned because the fat is so delicate here).

I had 2000 milliliters of fat suctioned out of my body and had a blood transfusion (of my own blood). I spent a night in the hospital in Kiev, Ukraine. I was bruised from my waist down for several weeks, and I was out of work for 10 days – but I was thrilled. In profile and in front view I had lost the fat deposits that had made my body bulgy. I keep my weight off and preserve my new profile.”

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