Brits will save up to 12% for medical services in Ukraine due to hrivna devaluation

devaluation_4It is noted that the seasonal strengthening of the Ukrainian currency hryvnia (UAH) is over. For several weeks, the national currency has gradually devaluated. In the period from August, it lost about 9% in value. This is the devaluation, experts are sure, will not stop.

Since the last days of August, the official British Pound rate has already grown by 3 pounds, and although in percentage terms it is only 9.2% – the question of the stability of the national monetary unit managed to make noise. This is evidenced by economists of the independent group of macroeconomic analysis and forecasting of IMF Group Ukraine. “The point is that economists know, and the population intuitively feels that 1.2% of devaluation is only the beginning of the trend of revaluation in the opposite direction and the transition to the traditional autumn devaluation, which usually lasts until January and February,” the economist Grigory Kukuruza is sure.

He stressed that the National Bank is ready to smooth out excessive fluctuations in the dollar and Pound exchange rate by currency auctions. So, today the National Bank of Ukraine has already announced the sale of $ 100 million. The British Pound exchange rate on the interbank market so far rises – it goes above the level of 35.5 UAH.

Experts predict that in January the GBP cash rate may rise to UAH 37.5. During the year, experts say, the rate will fluctuate around 35 UAH.

“It is necessary to allow the possibility of the movement of the hryvnia to the GBP to the level of UAH 37.00-38.00 per British Pound by the end of 2017 / early 2018. At the same time, movement in the region of 7-12% can be safely perceived as “natural”.

It all means that medical services in Ukraine for Brits medical tourists will become cheaper up to 12%.