Am I Being “Sold” to a Cosmetic Surgeon? The Off-the-Street Approach

The Off-the-Street ApproachA tall, dark, and handsome cosmetic surgeon wanted more money. In the evenings he’d stop promising suspects in supermarket aisles by saying: “Hi. I’m Dr. X. I just happened to be here doing my shopping – and believe me, I don’t usually do this – but you could be so lovely, if you had your nose [or whatever] corrected. I couldn’t stop myself.” He’d smile charm­ingly. “The aesthetic surgery is so easy. It’s not expensive. And what a difference it would make to your life!” Graciously he’d press his business card into the hand of the unsuspecting shopper. Business boomed.

I heard a story when a surgeon was looking for a new office, his real estate agent asked, “Do I need my eyes done?” He studied her face. “I’d say no for your upper lids. Your lower lids could be done, but it would be early. If it bothers you, I’d say yes. If it doesn’t, I’d wait.” She looked puzzled. “I was at a cocktail party last night. A Dr. Y came up to me and told me I urgently needed my eyes done. He gave me his card. Why would he tell me that if they didn’t really need doing?”

Why indeed? It’s worth a thousand dollars or more to him, that’s why. However, exceptions do exist.

A cosmetic surgeon knew that a teenage boy in his daughter’s class was badly teased about his ugly nose. The surgeon cautiously approached the boy’s parents and explained what cosmetic nose surgery might do to help their son. They had thought that their son was too young to have the surgery and that it was so expensive that they could not afford it, anyway. This was not the case. Their son ended up having the operation and was happy. This was an “off-the-street” approach, but it was not a sales technique. It was the act of a physician who wanted to help someone who was suffering.

How to Handle the Off-the-Street Approach. If a cosmetic surgeon approaches you to sell you cosmetic surgery, he is lured by your money. Do not go to that cosmetic surgeon, even if you decide to have the surgery he recommends. If money comes first to him, you’ll come second.

I will tell about The Psychic Destruction Approach it my next post.

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