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Why Ukraine?

10 reasons why travel to Ukraine for cosmetic surgery and dentistry

1. Qualified and experiences doctors

Traditionally, Ukraine has strong medical schools. There is a saying: “Ukraine does not have a health service, but it does have good doctors”.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are about 200,000 doctors in Ukraine. Of these, more than 50,000 possess the highest qualifications. Our country is incredibly proud of our very old medical schools which gave the world such great doctors including Nikolai Pirogov, Vasiliy Danilevsky, Nikolai Amosov, Lyubov Malaya and Alexander Shalimov.

During a two year investigation, Overseas Medical were convinced that in Ukraine there are notable doctors, which account to many more than fifty in the country – a number that could be utilised for the introduction of overseas customers. Therefore, we agree with the criticism that our location depicting only about 20 prominent doctors is inaccurate, as there are more like 500 – 1000 doctors who deserve recognition.

As a rule, Overseas Medical represents key clinical surgeons and dentists portrayed in the form of internal ratings. However, we decided not to compare the outstanding doctors of Ukraine on such merits, regalia and scientific discoveries. We believe it peculiar that the doctor who sucks out the most litres of fat is given higher accolade than perhaps a doctor who develops a technique resulting in the allowance of the most complex cosmetic surgery around the world.

Ukrainian plastic surgery and dentistry has become very prominent across the world, particularly amongst UK, EU and US citizens. Our Company consequently tends to utilise those Ukrainian doctors who have studied and worked in the USA and the UK.

2. High quality, innovative medical materials end high technology equipment

The Ukrainian private healthcare financing model is based on imported medical equipment. We partner with clinics that use high-quality, advanced therapeutic and diagnostic equipment, including surgical navigation systems and diagnostic point-of-care tests imported from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the US. You may have a look on photos of clinic’s equipment.

3. Ukraine geographical proximity to EU and UK

Travelling to this destination for treatment is relatively low cost. As Ukraine is close in geographical proximity to Western Europe and the UK, it is only about 2-3 hours flight time from major European airports. The average flight cost is about 112 USD. Please click on the link for some tips on how to find the cheapest flights to Kiev.

4. RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICES. Why the prices are so low in Ukraine?

According to THE WORLD BANK Ukraine is considered to belong to LOWER MIDDLE INCOME COUNTRIES as at Jan. 2017. Ukrainian low prices are caused by several economic factors:

  • Ukrainian currency devaluation (to hard currency GBP/EUR/USD) is far ahead of the planet: 170% from 1 January 2014 to 24 August 2015 (
  • The salaries of doctors in Ukraine are paid in Hryvna (UAH), with low salary increases. The salaries in Ukraine remain at the lowest level in Europe thus the correlation of our prices remaining low due to the cost of labour. This entails organic savings of between 70-90% for plastic surgery, cosmetic treatment and dentistry in comparison to the UK, Europe and US.

Europe salary map

  • Furthermore, medical companies have also decreased their costs related to personnel, due to unstable economic conditions.

Price GBP Usually from

You save with us %
Breast Enlargement27003800542550%
Dental Crown13280050043%-75%
Dental Bridge16090050043%-78%
Breast Reduction105025006565 85%
Nose shape correction12009300205029%-87%
Face Lift12009300580049%-84%
Eyelid correction  (per eyelid)8002250290018%-44%

5. Ukraine reputation as a friendly touristic hotspot
Ukrainians are an exceptionally friendly nation offering warm hospitality and are highly customer focused. Symbolic Ukrainian hospitality is famous all over the world. The warm atmosphere and goodwill attract guests from all countries to Ukraine. It enables people to feel fit, to communicate sincerely, to show respect for each other – those important things that make our lives better.

6. Climate similarity to EU and UK

Ukraine climate is temperate continental. When travel to Ukraine you will notice four strongly pronounced seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Generally, the weather is best from May – September when the days are warm and the nights are cool, although it does rain more in spring than summer. Autumn and winter are usually a little chilly and wet along the coastal areas of the Black Sea, yet drier further inland.
The average temperature in July is 17 ºC and in January circa     -7 ºC. The weather varies greatly from year to year, yet the summers are always warm, at times reaching 30 ºC. Winters may be a bit frosty but it is rare the temperature will drop to

-20 ºC.
Required clothing: Light to medium weight is recommended during the summer months, with medium to heavyweight being needed during winter. Waterproof clothing is advisable for the winter.

7. Cultural familiarity to EU and UK

Ukraine is home to people of 130+ nationalities. The predominant religion in Ukraine is Christianity. For those whom possess familiarity and cultural similarity with Ukraine, it is a highly attractive destination, particularly for Orthodox pilgrims (make a page with Orthodox pilgrim’s choice).

8. Planning the timings of your visit

You may prefer to coincide your medical treatment in conjunction with a holiday/vacation.
It is likely that for some treatments the stay and convalescence periods will be short, for others it could be  longer such us Brest enlargement and Liposuction.
For a short stays you may benefit from our Weekend Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Treatment Package:

9. Lack of availability of treatment covered by National Health System

It is highly unlikely that anyone desiring cosmetic surgery or beauty treatments would be able to do so free of charge on the National Health Service. This includes individuals who are not able to assert their EU rights.  It is therefore easier and cheaper to undergo medical treatment abroad, in Ukraine.
The NHS or other national medical service will not pay for surgery for cosmetic modification, even some dental works.
Esthetic surgery to correct or improve congenital abnormalities and injuries will usually be paid out of pocket, which  is rather expensive in the UK and EU. As a beneficial alternative is the affordable and high standard surgery and care available at Ukrainian private clinics.

10. Tourists may remain anonymous
EU and UK customers who are traveling to Ukraine for medical treatment can receive their treatments in privacy and recover in comfort, without questions being asked and judgment from people who know them. We ensure that our clients’ privacy remains our highest priority. We understand that the main reason for medical travel to Ukraine is to return to your home country with a new and better look.

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