How much you save on medical treatment in Ukraine

Do you need rehabilitation?
Cost of aftercare - rehabilitation
Cost of accommodation (one bedroom per night)
Days needed for procedure incl. a day for med. tests (see How It Works on the procedure page)


Local support - tour agency fee (5 days with transfers) days £249
Local support - extra day £80


Total cost UK: £

Total cost Ukraine: £

How Much you save on medical treatment in Ukraine: £ (%)

* Estimated costs for medical treatment as stipulated above are indicative cost only. The above costs are not exact and are intended only as a preliminary guide to possible cost saving. Costs are originated by basic components and does not include individual peculiarities of medical treatment related cost as well as incidental expenses required by the treatment and travel.

Overseas Medical Ukraine shall have no liability for any loss, expense or damage arising out of or in relation to the information stipulated hereinabove.

Women’s hair and nails

Women’s hair

Cut & Blowdry 50
Fringe Trim 15
Blowdry 30
Rough Blowdry (post Colour treatment, no styling) 15
Tint 50
Half Head Hightlights / Balayage 80
Full Head Highlights 110
Complete Colour Change. Price on consultation from 50
OLAPLEX (Restores strength, structure and integrity to hair)
In Colour Treatment. Price on consultation from  25
Stand Alone Treatment 40
KERATIN (Restorative hair-smoothing treatment)
Short 175
Medium 215
Long 275
Express Nourishing Treatment 10
Intense Treatment 15
Cheeky Up-do / Braid* 30
Occasion Up-do. Price on consultation from 30
*Note: does not Include hoir wash



File& Paint • Does exactly what it says! 14
Cheeky Works Manicure • File & shape, all cuticle work, buff and moisturise followed by a tick of point 20
Shellac CND Manicure** • Our Cheeky Works Mon.1 but using Sheaac CND Jong-weor polish  35
Flle& Paint • Does exactly what it says! 16
Toe Shine Pedicure • File & shape, ad cuticle work. buff, soften and smooth calloused skin, exfoliate and moisturise followed by a lick of paint  26
Shellac CND Pedicure** • Our Cheeky Works Pedl but using Shellac CND tong-wear polish 40


Nall Art
Point *per nail 1.50
Shellac per nail 2
French Manicure
Point, extra 5
Shellac, extra 5
Shellac Removal  8


Price on consultation from 25
Cheeky Pick Me Up . 45 mins • Cheeky Works Manicure & Toe Shine Pedicure  41
Cheeky Bit On The Side • File & Paint during hair appointment 12
More Than A Cheeky Bit On The Side * Cheeky Works Manicure during hair appointment 18
Lash & Brow  20
Lash 14
Brow 10
Full Leg & High Bikini 51 Underarm 13
Full Leg & Basic Bikini 43  Full Arm  27
Half Leg & High Bikini 41 Half Arm 20
Half Leg & Basic Bikini 36 Chest 32
Full Leg 32 Back 32
Half Leg 24 Eyebrow Shape 21
Brazilian / Hollywood 43 Eyebrow Tidy 15
High Bikini 26 Lip or chin 10
Basic Bikini 20
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