How much you save on medical treatment in Ukraine

Do you need rehabilitation?
Cost of aftercare - rehabilitation
Cost of accommodation (one bedroom per night)
Days needed for procedure incl. a day for med. tests (see How It Works on the procedure page)


Local support - tour agency fee (5 days with transfers) days £249
Local support - extra day £80


Total cost UK: £

Total cost Ukraine: £

How Much you save on medical treatment in Ukraine: £ (%)

* Estimated costs for medical treatment as stipulated above are indicative cost only. The above costs are not exact and are intended only as a preliminary guide to possible cost saving. Costs are originated by basic components and does not include individual peculiarities of medical treatment related cost as well as incidental expenses required by the treatment and travel.

Overseas Medical Ukraine shall have no liability for any loss, expense or damage arising out of or in relation to the information stipulated hereinabove.

Barber Shop in Kiev


Barbershop (the name comes from the word barba – beard) is a purely masculine institution where representatives of the strong half of humanity can cut themselves without any “glamor” that appeared in the United States in the 30s of the twentieth century. Alas, in the second half of the 20th century barbershops practically disappeared, Giving way to a hairdresser’s female plan. The main essence of institutions of this kind is the provision of quality services for barber. Serving customers in barbershops, most often, men are barbers.

Quality medical tour to Ukraine for a low cost - Overseas Medical Ukraine

Barber shop – Overseas Medical Ukraine

On the site of an American beauty salon for men on the main page, you can find an address in large letters: “Women like well-groomed men.” In addition to this obvious truth, in salons, guys are legally stripped of stress (tears for the strong sex are practically inaccessible), and they also force themselves into social frames that require a successful person to watch themselves. Despite the fact that a manicure in an ordinary salon is almost twice cheaper than in a man’s, customers are willing to pay. At the same time, men thoroughly inquire about what will be done with them and appraise the result meticulously. But, if the master and the quality of services are satisfied, the salon may not change for a long time, unlike the women constantly in search.





For women, going to the salon is not only care, relaxation, but also communication with the master, among themselves. For most men, this addition seems not only superfluous, but also hindering. Procedures and manipulations should work, hairdressers – cut, not chattering. If the magazines on the table, – then calculated for the male audience. At the same time, such places are reminiscent of the stylistics of Coppola’s gangster trilogy, in which news is recognized (apparently through the Morse code) and important decisions are made. Perhaps, in addition to relaxation and shortening of the mustache, men go to the following institutions to feel like a movie hero with Walter in his pocket and determination in his eyes.


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