How much you save on medical treatment in Ukraine

Do you need rehabilitation?
Cost of aftercare - rehabilitation
Cost of accommodation (one bedroom per night)
Days needed for procedure incl. a day for med. tests (see How It Works on the procedure page)


Local support - tour agency fee (5 days with transfers) days £249
Local support - extra day £80


Total cost UK: £

Total cost Ukraine: £

How Much you save on medical treatment in Ukraine: £ (%)

* Estimated costs for medical treatment as stipulated above are indicative cost only. The above costs are not exact and are intended only as a preliminary guide to possible cost saving. Costs are originated by basic components and does not include individual peculiarities of medical treatment related cost as well as incidental expenses required by the treatment and travel.

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Tour to Mezhgirya

“Mezhyhirya” (Ukrainian Mezhigir) is the former residence of Viktor Yanukovich in the village of Novye Petrovtsy, Vyshgorodsky district of the Kiev region, which he occupied from 2002 to 2014. From 1935 to 2007 Mezhyhirya was a state government residence, until it was privatized. In 2012, the State Administration of Affairs for a hundred thousand hryvnia a year rented a room from the company “Tantalit”, equipping it for official meetings.

Tour to Mezhugirya (Cheap medical trip to Kiev) - Overseas Medical Ukraine

Objects of inspection:
• the famous Honka, where unimaginable riches were kept;
• underground sports complex;
• mini-zoo;
• The floating banquet hall “Galeon”;
• golf Club;
• Helipad;
• artificial reservoirs on which there are baths with an ice slide;
• “Ruins of Ancient Greece”;
• parks, gazebos, sculptures and much more.

Tour to Mezhugirya (Affordable cost on medical tour to Kiev) - Overseas Medical Ukraine

The territory of the former residence is very large, it has a lot of interesting objects, beautiful and different. Without preliminary preparation it is very difficult to cover everything and understand what is where and how to make a route in such a way as to see as much as possible in a relatively short period of time. Here comes our guide. He will offer you the best route, and near each object will tell in detail about everything that you will see, in interesting facts, shocking figures, comparisons.

Duration of the tour: 3,5-4 hours, along with the road to Mezhyhiria.

Tour to Mezhugirya (Cheap cost on medical tour in Kiev) - Overseas Medical Ukraine

Cost for a tour to Mezhgirya is about 15£.

Visit this beautiful place!

Tour to Mezhugirya (Cheap cost on medical treatment in Kiev) - Overseas Medical Ukraine

This tour best fits to Weekend Cosmetic Surgery Packages

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