Prices for cosmetic surgery in Ukraine*

How much does a plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment cost?

*Cost of Cosmetic surgery/procedure. Typical cost of cosmetic operations and procedures is showed below as well as on the procedures’ pages. Usually, clinics specify a cost of operation only. The cost per every patient is individually tuned up after the consultation with your plastic surgeon. Request Your Free Quote to find out the final cost of cosmetic surgery for you. In Ukraine it is, by default, 50-70% lower then in UK. Find out why.

Medical related cost. You should also consider additional medical related costs that are associated with cosmetic surgery or procedure, such us cost of: set of analysis, doctor’s consultation, anesthesia, staying overnights in the clinic, medication, rehabilitation, bandages, etc.

Travel related cost. The total cost of your treatment will also include your travel expenses, such us flight, accommodation, support with transfers etc.  The tips at Organising your trip may help you with money saving.

One of our clinic, we work with, provides “all inclusive” approach specifying a price for a package per every operation. The cost of package includes all together the cost of operation and medical related cost.

Prices for cosmetic surgery and beauty treatment procedures


Liposuction – Medium £1300
Tummy tuck surgeryPrice £
Endoscopic abdominoplasty1705
Mini abdominoplasty1135
Middle abdominoplasty2000
Full abdominoplasty3262
Penile enlargement (length) £1058
Arm lift – Brachioplasty£1440
Smartlipo Price £
Smartlipo lipolysis one area (10 х 10 cm)196
Laser lipolysis on (chin + sagged checks)387

Female cosmetic genital surgery

Hymenoplasty Price £
Express restoration of hymen308
Hymen restoration419
Suturing the hymen of a two-layer method979
Labiaplasty Price £
Minora labia surgery (reduction of a genital lips)222
Extended labia majora reduction322
Reduction of hypertrophied clitoris446
Vaginoplasty Price £
Perineum lifting831
Vaginal tightness (back side colporrhaphy)886
Vagina tightening surgery (extended)957


Breast augmentation surgery costPrice £
Breast enlargement -Round (through the fold under the breast)2114
Breast enhancement – Teardrop (through the halo)2700
Breast repair: re-prosthesis with enlargement3148
Breast ReductionPrice £
Cost breast reduction of hypertrophied breast937
Hypertrophied breast reduction surgery cost surgery (extended breast reduce surgery)1060
Hypertrophied breast reduce with nipple transplantation1584
Reduce hypertrophied breast size with nipple transplantation (extended)2092
Breast implant removal562
Breast LiftPrice £
Plastic of inverted nipple (one)266
Breast lift up surgery cost without reduction (periareolar), one1025
Breast uplift price without reduction (vertical), one1154
Removal of extra breasts388
Local plastic on a halo (one)514


Face LiftPrice £
Perineum lifting831
Treatment of enuresis by surgical method886
Removal of neck rugas672
Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty)
Removal of lower eyelid rugas820
Removal of upper eyelid rugas820
Removal of lower eyelid rugas (canthoplasty) 1 zone346
Nose Job
Nose re-shaping (rhinoplasty)1 697
Ear pin back
Surgical correction of sticking out ear248
Cheek reduction surgery
Face (Buccal) fat removal surgery220
Botox Injections
Usually the cost varies from (per one area)175-300
Ultra Smіle, Kіss, RHA 1, Rediesse, Teoseal Redensіty 2                 Volbella, Volift – varies from117


DiagnosticsPrice £
Small X-Ray5
Panoramic X-Ray9
Wedding Dental DealsPrice £
Dental Package 1
220 / 1 person
 (Consultation with dentist, X-ray, Treatment plan, Hygiene treatment before teeth bleaching, Teeth cleaning AirFlow, Home tooth whitening kit)
395 / 2 person
Dental Package 2332 / 1 person
 (Consultation with dentist, X-ray, Treatment plan, Hygiene treatment before teeth bleaching, Teeth cleaning AirFlow, Laser teeth whitening ZOOM)580 / 2 person
Dental bridgesPrice £
Dental Bridgesfrom 59 / area
DenturePrice £
Full denture, per jaw135
Partial denture211
Repair, extension62
Dental bracesPrice £
Planned activation of removable braces29
Planned activation of aesthetic non-removable braces80
Fixation of non-removable metal braces on one dentition515
Fixation of non-removable ceramic (aesthetic) braces for one dentition913
Fixation of new element of metal or aesthetic braces57
Removal of metal braces from one dentition114
Micro implant installation according to orthodontic indications485
Repeated consultation of a dentistfree
Planned treatment for activation of non-removable metal system57
Installation of the braces for the prevention of dentoalveolar anomalies285
Fixation of non-removable self-ligating braces DAMON for one dentition684
Fixation of non-removable aesthetic sapphire braces for one dentition1255
Fixation of new element of sapphire or aesthetic braces114
Removal of aesthetic braces from one dentition228
Dentist consultation, treatment planningfree
Examination after surgeryfree
CrownsPrice £
Pre-treatment for crowns (root post/screw)37
Lining / core restoration46
Crown-, bridge-, inlay-removal17
Temporary crown197
Fullceramic crown, bridge per unit (Zirkonium)26
Teeth whitening
Tooth bleaching (whitening in surgery)74-208
Ceramic inlay or veneer143
Teeth cleaning
Professional teeth cleaning48
Root canal
Root canal treatments49
Dental implant
Implantfrom 360


Laser hair removalPrice £
 FACE epilate zone 6-23
 Epilate HAND zone5-31
 Epilate BACK and STOMACH area7-32
 Epilate LEGS zone6-68
 Epilate INTIMATE zones16-33

Visit our Laser hair removal page for more info.


Hair loss therapyPrice £
 less then 1000 grafts – cost of one graft*1,3
 more than 1000 grafts – cost of one graft* 0,9

*1 – Graft – morphofunctional association which comprises from 1-4 hairs.


Consultation with therapist and medical tests/ECG – £130

  • classic – £331
  • xenon – £743

Clinic's fees

Single- seated ward – £105 per night

Double ward – £99 per night

Overseas Medical Ukraine services

Basic package – £ 99

  • Meeting and transfer from/to the Borispol airport, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Assistance by a travel coordinator/interpreter  for all arrangements in Ukraine (from 8 am. to 17 pm.)
  • 24/7 support call-center support
  • Transportation by comfortable vehicle during your stay.

Additional services:

  • Visa support (if needed) £95 per person
  • Any other 24/7 support or guided assistance when needed £9 per hour: interpreter/guide,  transfer (car with English -speaking driver).

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