How much you save on medical treatment in Ukraine

Do you need rehabilitation?
Cost of aftercare - rehabilitation
Cost of accommodation (one bedroom per night)
Days needed for procedure incl. a day for med. tests (see How It Works on the procedure page)


Local support - tour agency fee (5 days with transfers) days £249
Local support - extra day £80


Total cost UK: £

Total cost Ukraine: £

How Much you save on medical treatment in Ukraine: £ (%)

* Estimated costs for medical treatment as stipulated above are indicative cost only. The above costs are not exact and are intended only as a preliminary guide to possible cost saving. Costs are originated by basic components and does not include individual peculiarities of medical treatment related cost as well as incidental expenses required by the treatment and travel.

Overseas Medical Ukraine shall have no liability for any loss, expense or damage arising out of or in relation to the information stipulated hereinabove.

Center for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery GRACE

Specialists of the GRACE Center pay maximum attention and attention to their Patients at all stages of interaction, adhering to the principles of natural beauty and safety.

  • Founded in 2007;
  • Service at the level of a 5-star hotel;
  • The creation of the result of the operation before it, using a unique 3D modeling technology;
  • The provision of doctors’ services is the best in their specialization;
  • Provide comfort and safety for the patient;

Clinic License and Certificates


  • Dr. Andrey Leonidovich

    20 years of surgical practice
    He spent more than 14,000 successful operations

    Read more
  • Dr. Tatyana Shevchuk

    20 years of surgical practice

    4508 successful operations

    Read more
  • Dr. Oleg Kompaniets

    30 years of surgical practice
    He spent 32007 successful operations

    Read more

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St. Baggovutovskaya, 14,
04107, Kiev, Ukraine



Operation/procedure Time in hospital stay Cost, £
Labioplasty Up to 4 hours 4 476
Plasticity of the perineum Up to 4 hours 6 267
Hymenoplasty Up to 4 hours 2 686
Lipofilling of small volumes Ambulatory 448

Services, for a long period, with postoperative follow-up of 1-3 weeks and minimal rehabilitation.

Operation/procedure Time in hospital stay Cost, £
 Vaginal surgery day  8 952
 Augmentation mammoplasty (endoprosthetics) day  8 952
 The replacement of the implant (s) of the breast (s) day  8 952
 Contour mammoplasty day  6 267
 Contour mammaplasty with increased volume of mammary glands  day  8 057
 Reduction mammoplasty (reduction of the volume of mammary glands)  day  7 162
 Removal of breast implants  day  4 476
 Upper Blepharoplasty  day  2 686
 Lower blepharoplasty  day  3 581
 Upper and lower blepharoplasty  day  4 476
 Retidectomy of the middle face zone (traditional)  2 days  5 372
 Abdominoplasty  2 days  6 267 – 8 952
 Liposuction of small volumes day  3 581
 Liposuction of medium volumes day  5 372
 Liposuction of large volumes  2 days  6 267
 Lipofilling of large volumes day  2 686
 Brachioplasty day  4 476
 Nose job day  From 8 057
 Rhinoseptoplasty  day  From 6 714
 Septoplasty  day  From 6 714
 Otoplasty  day  From 4 476




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